Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another year older

One year ago today I turned 23 years old.

In honor of that special day, I did a quick recap of my life with lots of old pictures. 

I said age 23 showed a lot of promise. So how was it? A bit crazy. 

November 2010 - My grandfather had his stroke on the 25th. Probably one of the scariest days of my life. 
December 2010 - We struggled to get into the Christmas spirit after the stroke. It was your typical Christmas with the crazy family though.
January 2011 - On the 12th I got the life changing news that I was pregnant.
April 2011 - I had my ultrasound and saw my baby for the first time.
May 2011 - My best friends got married.
June 2011 - I found out I was having a girl.
July 2011 - I moved into my current apartment with B. I had my baby shower.
September 2011 - I had my beautiful daughter on the 25th. Life will never be the same. 

And now it's October and I'm still just adjusting to life with a baby. So yeah, age 23 was crazy. I hope age 24 will be a lot less crazy. 


tyler_faye said...

haha oh geez! looking back i guess its all about baby, friends and family. as it should be :)

Nicole J @ Pampers & Pumps said...

Happy birthday Venassa! It sure is a special one now that you have little miss Chloe :)

Kaylee said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kaylee said...

Happy Birthday!!

SG to SP said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day with your little one.

Madeline said...

Happy Birthday!

a. said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a decent year ;)I am hoping this year (26) is better than last year but I doubt it, lol. I feel the same because last year being 25, I went to Australia, I graduated with my BEd, my bestie got pregnant, our nephew was born and I moved into my own place with r. and we got married.

Anonymous said...

it's crazy, all that can happen in a year. hope your birthday was fantastic!

Baby Sister said...

Happy Birthday yesterday!! I hope B spoiled you a little bit. ;)



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