Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life in Review

Today is finally my birthday. I am now 23.


It feels like I'm aging so quickly. Wasn't I in high school yesterday?

Feels like the perfect day to tell you my life story.

The First Year of Life
I was born early, at 11:21 a.m. on October 19th. I weighed something like 7lbs, or 8, I really don't remember. Mother was 19 at the time. Four years younger than I am about to be. How crazy is it to imagine me with a 4 year old right now? Too crazy. We lived with my grandparents, Meme and Pepe, at the time. My father was MIA and would continue to be.

I had my first Halloween and the first Christmas. Too bad I can't scan photos.

Did I mention Mom took me trick-or-treating (just to family members' houses) on my first Halloween?

Baby's first Easter:

Age 1+
I turned a year old and I was the most awesome one year old to grace the planet. True story.

One of my friends (and distant cousin), M., was at my first birthday party. She was also at my 23rd birthday party.

Here we are at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. Have we changed much?

4 Years Old
I got a brother and sister, twins!

I also fell and hit my head on the bottom of a door in the hospital (conveniently) and needed stitches.

5 Years Old
I was in kindergarten and had my first graduation.

6 Years Old
My grandmother died. I was too young to really understand, but it was still a really sad time.

7 Years Old
I met my father and half sister for the first time.

9 Years Old
Mom got married to my (now) ex-stepfather.

11 Years Old
I got my first not really boyfriend. We called each other boyfriend/girlfriend for a week, and talked on the phone. We never met in real life until later. He was someone my best friend went to school with. We lived in different provinces at the time.

12 Years Old
Expected computers to all crash in 2000 They did not. I didn't have a computer anyway.

I moved back to my home province after spending a few years in NB. Starting a new school with kids I'd known when I was younger was weird.

14 Years Old
I began that awkward first year of high school.

15 Years Old
I got my first kiss. It was through spin-the-bottle or truth or dare, so it was nothing special.

My 15th birthday party - Me in the middle, on the floor

16 Years Old
I had my first taste of drinking. It was a perfectly pleasant time. I also had my first bad drinking experience 6 months later.

17 Years Old
I became a high school graduate in June. Moved to the big city of Freddy and on my own in August.

Started university in September. Realized a couple of months in that it wasn't what I wanted to do.

17th Birthday at school

High School graduation

18 Years Old
Got my first job. At a sandwich factory while I spent a summer living home again.

Started legal office assistant program at the local college in September.

Halloween '05

19 Years Old
I finally got my first taste at what clubs/bars were like. The very first time, I hated it. I've loved it ever since.

20 Years Old
Got a college diploma, but continued working at Wendy's. Go me!

I inherited my mother's car. Yay, my first car!

Moved back to my home island, and with my friend S. We became alcoholics together and drank every weekend.

I was blessed with the most amazing nephew ever on January 11th.

21 Years Old
I cut off my long hair. Still loving it shorter.

I met a boy. He's still sticking around to this day.

Finally got the job I'd been wanting for awhile, and thinking about going to school for. No longer need the schooling!

22 Years Old
I now live with my mother, for dirt cheap, in a tiny apartment. I have a job I love. 

Stay tuned for age 23. 
It shows a lot of promise. 


Baby Sister said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Looks like you've had a good life. :)

magnolia said...

happy birthday! :)

Noelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! You don't ever age! Lucky girl!!!

Shell said...

Happy birthday!

WhisperingWriter said...

It sounds like you had a good life so far :)

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

a. said...

I love this!



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