Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Story of Flat Venassa

I want to introduce you guys to both a friend of mine, and another part of myself we like to call 'Paper Me'. Lately we've heard someone talk about 'Flat Stanley', so we sometimes call it 'Flat Venassa'.

Me and my best friend S. lived together from April 2008 - August 2009, before I moved in with my boyfriend. One quiet night in March, sometime before St. Patrick's day, we were both home, a little bit bored, and tired of never really doing anything. So S. decided that we must start living life. And this is our story. 

We found enough paper and glued it together to me human-sized

I layed on this paper while S. traced the outline of my body

There are no pictures, but we spent an hour or two coloring with crayons. This was the result:

If I would've known all that Paper Me would end up doing, I would have chosen my wardrobe more carefully. Shirt says: "No need for mistletoe, I'll kiss you anywhere."

Paper Me's home became the ceiling above the couch in our livingroom.

She lived there for 5 happy months. She experienced many parties, including St. Patrick's Day celebration of 2009. 

She was present for an interview for the newspaper that S. did at our place. She met our friends, our families, our acquaintances. She was loved by all. When it was time for S. and myself to part at the end of August 2009, it was a tough decision trying to figure out who got custody. In the end, we thought she would have a better, more well-rounded life with S. Boy were we right!



Noelle said...

You crack me up! :) What a great story!

Mrs. Lovely said...

That is really cool. I want a flat Melissa now!



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