Friday, December 9, 2011

I finally saw Breaking Dawn

I finally saw Breaking Dawn. I've talked about my thoughts on the Twilight saga craze before, and that opinion still stands. 

To sum up that post:
Twilight: I liked book and movie
New Moon: The book was annoying, movie was okay
Eclipse: The book was boring, the movie not as bad

But Breaking Dawn? It took me nine days to read. I really could not put this one down. FINALLY, it wasn't all about poor, helpless Bella being chased by a killer vampire. Although she had her share of near death scenes in this novel anyway. I wrote my full review on it on Goodreads, but basically I loved the book. 

I went to see part one Tuesday night with my mother. (Yeah, I have a Twilight mom). I really enjoyed the movie as well. 

Finally, Bella and Edward get married. As everyone else said, Bella didn't look as spectacular as you'd expect, but still I loved the whole wedding scene. She seemed way too nervous, instead of being happy she was finally marrying Edward. At least Edward looked happy. Still, they did a good job with the wedding. 

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For once I noticed there to be real chemistry between Edward and Bella. The wedding kiss scene seemed too long really passionate, as was the honeymoon. For once I thought Bella looked gorgeous during some scenes of the movie, usually I think she's just pretty average, but I guess that part of her charm. She's the average girl who got the God-like vampire that is Edward. 

The did the pregnancy great as well. They managed to make Bella look pretty scary when she was nearing death. The blood drinking scene? Made me want to gag a bit. 

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The ending was great. Very freaky, but a perfect cliffhanger for people who haven't read the book. 

I still don't think Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson are the greatest actors, but I think everyone else is amazing, especially Alice. She's the cutest. 

What did everyone else think of the movie? Am I the only one who liked this one the best?  


Madeline said...

I loved the movie. Absolutely loved it. But I hated the books, and could never get into them. Is that strange?

SG to SP said...

Breaking Dawn was my favorite book in the series so I was excited about the movie and overall I thought it was okay. I think they did pretty well translating the book onto film but I just don't really like the actors in general so I have to always look past that.

Baby Sister said...

I really loved it. I think they did a good job with it. And I think this one is my favorite too. :)



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