Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet: The Diva Bee

This week, my top commenter is Haley from The Diva Bee. Normally I don't remember how I discovered a blog, but with hers I do. Bailey from Addicted to Addison does blog design. When Bailey posted some of the new blogs she had designed, a long time ago, Haley's was in there. So I first visited Haley's blog because of her blog design, and I'm still there because I just love her. She's one of my favorite bloggy friends. So visit her blog and say hi. I know you'll love her too. 

1. Tell me three interesting facts about yourself
- I have a tendency to get addicted to a new hobby and then the next week I forget all about it later remembering how much I enjoyed it.
- I start every morning off the same way: a mountain dew...currently drinking diet due to calorie intake
- I have a ton of makeup. Literally every possible shade of eyeshadow. Yet everytime I hit up the makeup aisle I still find myself checking out the eyeshades and I just recently realized I have a problem hehe

2. Your blog is one of my favorites, but how would YOU describe it
One word: random. It has no rhyme or reason ie "scrap booking" "crafts" "recipes" "shopping". It's just about my life in general. What pisses me off, what makes me smile, what makes me giggle and just random tidbits.

3. Why 'The Diva Bee'?
Good question. I had been wanting to make a blog but put it off till I came up with the PERFECT blog name. Well somehow "the diva bee" popped up and stuck in my brain for a long while and considering I'm a self-proclaimed diva and my last name starts with b it just kind of sat perfectly with me.

4. Do you know what your name would've been if you had been a boy?
Actually when my older sister was born they chose not to know the gender and thought it was a boy the whole time because there wasn't a girl born on my dads side for 54 years. So when I was conceived my parents thought there was no way I could be a girl too. So they were going to make me the fourth. Well, I didn't come out as Joseph Haley B IV I came out as Haley Alexandria B. Yup I took my dads middle name instead since I came out with a pikachu and not a peter

5. What's at the top of your Christmas list?
Um let's see besides a million dollars, of course, I would probably say a Mac notebook. Preferably MacBook pro. But considering I don't see anyone dropping a double grand on me this year... I'll go with a keurig instead :)

6. Think of the person you're the closest to. What is it about the person that makes you so close?
As cheesy as it may sound I'm going to say Honey. Why? Because I tell him everything. If significant others don't count then my bestie Bee. Because she's the only one that I can actually relate with on several, if not all, levels.

7. What's one place in the world you would love to visit?
Oh wow, um I never think too much about traveling because I don't do a lot of it. Since I don't qualify that as an answer, I'll say Rome. I would loveeee to see all of the old architecture and what nots.

8. Would you share the story of how you met your man?
Oh of course! I love our love story, I think it's unique :) you can read it HERE cause it's somewhat long.

9. What do you miss most about the past?
hmm I try not to reflect on the past too much but I will admit I miss being able to play with Barbies and not having anything to worry about.

10. Ask yourself a question and answer it :)
Why did I participate in answering Venassa's questions?
Because I love her! We email often and I find great pleasure in reading her blog and watching Miss Chloe grow. Needless to say, I feel honored that she even asked me. :)


Madeline said...



Hope you have a good day

Nicole J @ Pampers & Pumps said...

This is a fun little blog swap! Definitely going to check her blog out.

Baby Sister said...

Her blog is cute!! This was fun. :)



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