Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The first time I got my heart broken

When people say 'someday you'll look back on this and laugh', you think 'yeah right, that'll never happen'. But it does. That's how this story goes. The story of the first time I got my heart broken. 

I was 19 and a half. I felt like such an adult back then, but I was really so young. So young, shy and awkward. I met him through a friend - a new friend at the time, but my best friend now. She knew his brother, and so they set him up to be my date to a formal her sorority was hosting. It probably would've been a blind date, but all of a sudden the weekend before I was out at the bar with friends and we ended up meeting him. And it was awkward for me, as most things were at that age. To this day I still have pictures of me, him and my friends from that night. Thanks to Facebook, here's one of the photos of me and M., and C. I'm not posting one of the guy, just because. 

19 year old me
To make a long story short, I went to the formal with him the following weekend. It was a decent time, I think. I don't remember as much as I'd like. We ended up leaving the ball early, and hitting up the same bar again, wearing our dresses and suits. This was back in the day when girls almost all wore jeans to the bar, instead of dresses. 

We spent almost all our time together after that, but only for two weeks. He was in the military and was leaving for 6 weeks. He dropped me off at school the morning that he was leaving. We were both almost in tears. We kept in contact throughout those 6 weeks, mostly by phone. The phone had a bad connection and half the time I couldn't hear him. I spent a lot of those phone calls not saying much. Awkward me. I don't know how he did it. 

Finally, it was the night he was coming back. I was so excited. He was getting back late, and met me and M. at the bar. (What can I say, we were crazy bar-goers at the time). I was so happy to see him, and he seemed super excited to see me. He spent the night at my place, dropped me off at work in the morning super hungover. 

And that was it. He called me after work and broke things off with me. His reasoning was that we just never seemed to have anything to talk about. What can I say - I was the most awkward person ever. 

I spent the next three months pretty sad over it, which is a long time to be sad over a guy that I technically only spent two weeks with, since he was gone the other 6 weeks. I avoided msn for long periods of time, because I hated seeing him online when I knew he wouldn't talk to me. I was just so sad. 

He wasn't home for very long before he left again with the military, I think he was only home two weeks, but this time he was closer and sometimes came home on weekends. Of course I was lucky enough to run into him (again, at the bar) one of those weekends. All my friends were visiting from home and I was shocked to run into him. I was drunk, and it upset me. I ended up somehow finding out later on that his brother said he broke up with me so he could sleep around. Of course that upset me further. But I got over it eventually. 

It seemed like the end of the world at the time, but looking back I can't believe I cared that much. My feelings hadn't been that strong for him. Hell - I barely knew the guy. I guess it was just young infatuation. 

The story of me getting my heart broken ends there, but my story with this guy does not. It's a short one, so I'll finish it. 

He finally finished his summer with the military and was back in town and back to school. I don't know how we got to talking again, but we did. He came to see my new apartment. We went to the movies together - I drug him to see The Nanny Diaries. We talked like old friends, and it wasn't awkward. It wasn't awkward because I was finally over him. We stayed Facebook friends for awhile after, and I'm not sure who deleted who. He's still tagged in some of my photos though. We drifted apart and stopped talking after he spent a weekend with me and my friends. 

A weekend where, unfortunately for me, I realized I had feelings for someone else. 


Haley said...

Well I any say much over two weeks. I met a guy on spring break in fl, he was from Ireland. We spent two full nights together and I was completely infatuated. We swapped emails and continued to email for two full years back to back. I looked into studying abroad but my college didn't have a program for Queens in Ireland. I was devastated and spent many nights crying over him. He's still my Facebook friend but I almost feel like a fool looking back now :-/

SG to SP said...

It still amazes me how hard I fell for some guys from my past, it's embarassing now when I think about it but it's all part of growing up and just makes me appreciate what I have now even more.

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

WOW, what a story! I'm glad it wasn't a nasty break up but sounds like you are better off :)

Nicole J @ Pampers & Pumps said...

Ugh boys! It's awesome that with time you were able to hangout without feeings for him. Breakups are never fun but they help you grow.

Shelley said...

Breakups can be so hard!!

Baby Sister said...

Ahhh yes, broken hearts. Aren't they great? :p This sounds a lot like my stories. I have I never have to go through a broken heart with Boyfriend. Because that? Will be scary.



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