Tuesday, December 6, 2011

They weren't lying - it does get better

The whole new mom thing. You know the drill - sleepwalking through the days, very limited warm meals and showers. It starts to seem like that's all your life will be. You don't even notice the change, since it happens slowly. But all of a sudden the baby is taking 3 hour naps and you're able to nap too, or eat, or tidy up. All of a sudden she's not crying every waking minute of the day. She starts smiling and playing by herself. You can complete actual tasks without her crying once. 

All of a sudden she's sleeping 5 hours at a time, then 7, then rarely 9. 

That's what I found, anyway. I few days ago I even made cookies. No-bake cookies, but it's all about baby steps. I sometimes find myself with free time in the evenings if she goes to bed early enough. I also still have nights where she cries until the clock switches to the early AM hours, but you survive it. Sometimes you cry with her, but in the morning it feels like it was ages ago. 

Just this week I manage to take a long shower while home alone with Chloe. Only because I had her in the swing and the combination of the swinging with the noise of the shower must've knocked her out. When I saw she was asleep I took my time. The swing just barely fits in the bathroom, so lucky me. 

Chloe got her first needles done on December 1st. I had to take her by myself. 

When they talk about babies getting their needles, I always hear people say 'oh she did so good!'. What qualifies as 'good'? Is it the loudness of the screaming? Because let's face it, they almost all scream. And why wouldn't they? They (or at least mine) get poked with three needles. One right after the other.

Break. My. Heart.

And they make me hold her leg still while they do it. The first two were bad enough. When we turned her and gave her the third needle in her other leg, the loud crying went to screaming. She cried and whimpered for awhile after, until she fell asleep on my shoulder about 20 minutes later with the saddest, reddest eyes I've ever seen. She probably doesn't even remember it now, but I'll never forget it. And I have to do it again in two months.

Luckily for the both of us she seemed to have missed out on any of the side effects. No fussiness at all, no fever the whole day, just my regular girl. She was pretty fussy the day after, but I think her lack of napping played a part in that. We're still not used to the noise of the neighbors. 

But that's some of what we've been up to lately. 

I finally got my camera battery charged and took her two month photos. Now if I ever find my cord I'll do her two month update.. hopefully before it's time for the three month update. 


Shell said...

It really does get easiers. That first little bit when they barely sleep- oh, so hard!

Baby Sister said...

I'm so glad things are getting better for you. :) And hopefully they'll just keep getting easier.

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

She's so beautiful! Glad things are getting better, sleep is sooo necessary!

Mrs. D-Zo said...

This picture is killing me...so freaking adorable.



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