Thursday, April 28, 2011

We are not having twins

How cute is my baby? 

I finally had my ultrasound on the 26th. The first thing I was told was that it wasn't twins. That was a relief. One at a time is plenty for me. The technician barely said anything to me the whole time we were in the room alone, just that the baby was very wiggly. She was having a hard time getting some of the pictures she needed. 

Finally boyfriend got to come in too and finally she started explaining what things were that we were seeing. Like its feet that were almost hitting its forehead.  The stomach, the spine. Boyfriend got to see him or her yawn, but from where I was laying I couldn't find it fast enough. 

We paid for the ultrasound pictures and now I look at them a few times a day. I was excited to get to work and show people. 

According the measurements on the ultrasound, I was 19 weeks and 5 days, making me 20 weeks pregnant today. Half-way. Wow. I'm glad time seems to be flying by! 

Now if I could only hear about the 3D Ultrasound I tried to book. The phone number only gives me a message telling me to email, and they would email back. It's been more than a week, and nothing. I gave them time since there were a few holidays but hopefully if I call in the morning I will get more than just a recording. I want to know baby's gender! 

It's so weird. I'm having a baby. I will never get used to that. 


Anonymous said...

You're having a baby. That's weird man. Hope you hear back on the 3D ultrasound soon. I've seen lots of them, they're kind of strange looking as you can see the fluid and stuff.

Nicole J said...

That is so exciting! It's the most amazing thing to see the baby for the first time. Congrats mama!



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