Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A guest post from Taylor

My third post-baby guest post is from Taylor from the Presutti's. Taylor is a real sweetie and if you're not familiar with her blog, you should check it out. You will love it. Thanks again to Taylor for guest posting for me. 


My name is Taylor and I blog over at The Presutti's

I blog from everything about my life, marriage, being a newlywed, cooking, decorating, DIYing, photography, and much much more!

Today, I'm guest blogging for this sweet girl Venassa, who has a precious little one on the way!

Since she is so close to delivery, I thought I'd blog about our future plans for children

Me and my husband decided early on, that we wanted kids, for sure. We both are in love with kids. While we were dating we babysat a family of 3 together and we always had so much fun! Joey is so good with children! We have tons of close friends with children and we love to go visit and play! I recently started working at a pediatric dentist office, too! I love it. It is so much fun to work with children everyday because they are all so different and unique!

Me and Joseph want 3 children of any variety, but would definitely like one of each! We may want more though when we find out how well they do, so that's up for debate!

Here are some neat ways to introduce the gender of the baby

Balloons in a box

Cupcakes with fun colored filling

Cute several layered cake


Also, here are some cute ways to introduce your pregnancy

Also, here are some awesome ideas for tracking pregnancy

Here are some really cute pregnancy pictures

Lastly, here are some great newborn pictures

I hope you enjoyed this post!

I can't wait to do all these fun things one day when I have my own little one on the way!

I hope that you go over and check out my blog, follow me, and maybe soon I will have a little bean on the way too!

Go check out my blog! :)

Happy Fall!

Congrats to you Venassa!


Seth + Carlie said...

I love the chalkboard idea to count the weeks of pregnancy!

Stephanie said...

Look at those precious pictures!!! Too cute for words! Good luck with your new bambino!

XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

Baby Sister said...

Such cute ideas!! I am definitely going to have to do those one day when I have a baby.



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