Monday, October 17, 2011

Adjusting to my new life

It's Monday.

My baby girl was officially three weeks old yesterday. That means she's not too far from being a month old. The past few days she's been doing this thing where all of a sudden she'll just flash this huge gummy smile while half asleep. And it's pretty much the most adorable thing ever. I am so excited for the day that she starts smiling for real. When I can make her smile, instead of just having her cry at me almost every waking moment of the day. I love this girl more than life itself but I think they started the expression 'cry baby' for her. 

We've been doing okay, me and miss Chloe. We had a few visitors from Thursday to Sunday. They all came bearing great gifts for the little one and cards for me (apparently my birthday is coming up). It was great to have people to talk to, breaking up the monotony of the feeding, burping and crying. I'd been growing tired of only socializing with my tv friends, aka the characters of the new 90210. 

It was also amazing to be able to take my first shower in about a week, give Chloe her first bath in the bathtub, and have some time to myself to work on her baby book and clean a little while they were here. I also had my first long Chloe-free outing - just dinner with friends and a few quick stops at a couple of stores. I was only away from her for about three hours but it felt like forever and I was glad to get her back home again. 

So now that all my scheduled visits from friends are over, I'm in a 'now what?' place, just waiting for the next interesting thing to happen. We're still in a hectic place, me and Chloe. Someday soon we'll be in a better routine, hopefully she won't cry as much, and I can feel like I'm not sleepwalking through the days. 

She's worth it though.

Ps: Please vote for Bobbi-Jo while you still can. It's super easy and would mean a lot to me! 


He & Me + 3 said...

They are worth every sleepless night, headache, frustration, emotion you feel. There is nothing better than to be a mother. I hope that the crying gets better. My first one had colic for 3 months...but after that she was perfect! Hang in there and nap when she naps.

Noelle said...

Do you want Jason to give B tips on giving you shower time and stuff? ;) She's adorable !

Baby Sister said...

How sweet. :) I hope you get some sleep soon!!

Sandy Ang said...

Oh a big congrats ! She's adorable



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