Thursday, October 20, 2011

Five awesome sweet recipes

Pinterest. My new online recipe book. My baking cupboard really needs some re-stocking, but here are a few awesome things I cannot wait to make. 

A single serving of safe-to-eat cookie dough. Because who doesn't have the occasional craving for a little bit of dough? I tried and loved this one, even though I had no chocolate chips.

Cheesecake cookie dough bars. The best of both worlds.

Butterfinger blondies. My favorite chocolate bar in a square. Yes, please. 

Cookie dough dip. Such a genius idea. 

Homemade Butterfingers. Like I said, my favorite chocolate bar. And only three ingredients. 

Share with me your favorite sweet recipes! 


Baby Sister said...

Hmmm...those all look so nummy!! I can't find the recipe I was going to share. So I'll find it and email it to you.

tyler_faye said...

BAAAAH! I am so excited to scour this website!!! Those look delicious!



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