Monday, October 24, 2011

My (horrible) first outing alone with Chloe and birthday weekend

I don't know where to start. I had a few eventful days.

Tuesday, October 18 
I guess it all started when I decided to take Chloe out by myself for the first time. We were going to my work to get papers I needed, then to Wal-Mart. When getting her out of the car at work, I saw my front passenger tire was completely flat. Joy. My friend Sarah was coming up to visit, so I knew I wouldn't be stranded forever, but it would take her an hour just to drive to where I was. I told her of my flat tire and she brought her mechanic sister along with her to change it for me. Me and Sarah aren't really tire changing girls. I think it would be a disaster. 

Miss Chloe met a few of my co-workers, but she was asleep so she doesn't know it. It was great to see everyone. It had been almost a month. I decided to kill time at Wal-Mart still, since it was just around the corner. 

As luck would have it, Chloe woke up in Wal-Mart and it was eating time. I tried putting her in the baby carrier, but she wasn't having it. I wasn't done shopping but we headed to the front of the store to pay for what I had. I realized I couldn't find my phone, but figured I left it in the car. Trying to leave Wal-Mart, there was a guy between the two sets of doors who was caught stealing, and wasn't impressed. He was just a little guy, but he was actually fighting the employees. I couldn't leave the store because I was scared the fighting would knock into the cart and my baby. They called more employees to the front, so I was able to sneak out with some other people.

My phone wasn't in my car. Insert more panicking, because how would Sarah find me if she couldn't get a hold of me? I couldn't go looking for the phone because Chloe was not having it. I got really lucky, and she saw my parked near the front of the store. I fed Chloe in Sarah's car while they changed my tire. 

We went back in Wal-Mart and re-traced my footsteps, calling the phone. No luck. They didn't have it at the customer service desk either. 

Flat tire. Lost phone. Fight at Wal-Mart. Not a good day. I ended up getting a drive with Sarah's to Mom's, while her sister drove my car and took it to get fixed. 

Wednesday, October 19
My birthday. I was at Mom's so she watched Chloe while me and Sarah went to the mall, then out for free (for me) birthday dinner. I spent the rest of the day at Mom's, not doing a whole lot. I didn't have my phone so I didn't get any of my birthday phone calls or texts, but at least I had facebook to keep me entertained. 

Sarah tried calling my phone again, and this time a Wal-Mart employee answered. Finally, it was found. 

Friday, October 21
I had my first night out with friends. My first time drinking since the beginning of January. When I got to Sarah's it was decorated for my birthday, and there was ice cream cake - my absolute favorite. Like she hadn't done enough for me already. Scott even had birthday and Halloween cards for me and Chloe and presents for the both of us. I felt so spoiled. 

It was so nice to hang out with friends, listen to music, have some drinks. It would be my last drinking night with Scott for a very long time. He's leaving until possibly the summer, but I think we had a great last night together. We ate Tostitos together - mine with Cheese-Whiz, his with peanut butter, and had more ice cream cake. I was never one to get the drinking munchies but I definitely did that night. 

I had enough to drink, but woke up feeling fine. I got to do the whole pump and dump thing.

Saturday, October 22
I was happy to get back home to Chloe. Mom went golfing, so I got stuck there alone. Sarah came over and we drove around town to kill time. Not much to do in that little town.

Sunday, October 23
Chloe was officially 4 weeks old. Oh how time flies. I came back home early enough to get my phone back from Wal-Mart. Me and Chloe hung out alone at home all evening. She was good all night, but even though she woke up from a nap at 9pm, she decided to stay awake until 3am, even though she was obviously tired. She wasn't even really crying, she just wouldn't stay asleep. Just my luck. I think I need more caffeine in my life.

After my hour or two of sleep, I got to nap for a bit around lunch time. We got Chloe ready and took her out shopping. This time it was a little more successful than the last. There was crying, but not lost phones or flat tires. 

Chloe is one-month old tomorrow. I get to attempt to take her month old photos. Wish me luck. 


Baby Sister said...

You've been busy. :) Happy late Birthday...if I haven't said it already. I don't remember. Sorry about your awful day...that doesn't sound like fun. Good luck with the pictures!! I'm sure they'll turn out great. :)

J and A said...

Good luck with your photo shoot. You are doing great! So glad you found your phone and had had a better outing.

Nicole J @ Pampers and Pumps said...

I have never lost my phone but I can imagine the terror I would feel if I did. I'm glad you found it and happy birthday again! I can't wait tosee the photos for her 1 month old shoot :)

Sean Marie said...

Wow, you sure have been busy! That's crazy about the guy stealing from Walmart. Glad you made it out unharmed. You never know what crazies might try and do. Happy belated birthday, btw. :)



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