Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creating your own favicon

I use/love Google Chrome as my browser, but I've noticed one thing I really don't like about it lately.

Favicons. The little images that show up right before the web address on some websites. This blog does not (yet) have one, but I made one for my Crafting blog when I redesigned it a few days ago, and I'm a big fan. Well, mine doesn't show up on Google Chrome. Favicons for other people's blogs do. But this is what my crafting blog favicon looks like in Internet Explorer:

They just personalize the blog just a little bit more and they can be so cute.

If you want to make your own favicon for your blog, it's super easy.

Here's a photo of my belly:

It's a horrible choice for a favicon, but I'm too lazy to find something better right now.

This photo has already been cropped for other reasons, but I need it to be square anyway. So use whatever photo editing program you have to make sure it's cropped square. Resize the photo as necessary because it can't be more than 100kb.

In blogger, go to your design, and the favicon option is right there at the top.

Find and upload your photo. Blogger will immediately let you know if the photo is too big or if it isn't perfectly square. If it works, it will show you your little favicon:

Save. And there it is. Your favicon.

Just choose a better photo than I did for my example. Something that's still recognizable when it's incredibly tiny.

Good luck!


Madeline said...

I've always wanted to know how to do this!

Off to attempt to do it for the new blog...

shari lynne said...

Sweet pic. of you and your new babe Vanessa:) I have a favicon, but have done so much with my blog that I can't even really remember making it. Oh brother. It is fun to see it pop up though:) I'll have to check to see if it pops up on google chrome.


Cascia Talbert said...

Thanks for sharing those tips! You look great, by the way. Good luck with the new baby.

Baby Sister said...

I got so excited when I saw we could edit those. :) At least they show up in the tabs in Chrome. Better than nothing. :)



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