Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chloe: one month old

Yesterday my little girl turned a month old. I knew the time would fly by. No matter how fussy she may be, each day still just flies by. 

According to our home scale, she is now 7lbs 6oz. I can tell her legs are filling out a little. 

She is a tiny girl. She just grew out of two of her sleepers, and she's very close to being too long for the rest of her newborn sleepers. She doesn't fit in any regular clothes yet, except for a couple of pairs of pants (like the ones shown in the photos). Otherwise it's all onesies and sleepers. I can't wait to be able to dress her up. 

Her looks:
She has pretty blue eyes and brown hair. Her hair seems super light in spots, but in other spots it looks a little darker. It's thinner on top and a little longer in back right now. We'll see how it goes as she gets older. 

Still in newborn, and probably will be for a little while longer. They fit nice now - finally not too big. And since her belly cord fell off (at exactly two weeks) I don't have to worry about that anymore. 

I haven't talked much about her eating on here, but she is a breast milk bottle fed baby. She wasn't interested in breastfeeding at all, so I've been exclusively pumping the entire time. Public health gave me a nipple shield a couple of weeks ago and we've tried that a few times. She'll sometimes nurse well with it. I've tried breastfeeding a few times lately and she will do it for a little while. Progress. It would be a lot easier on me if she would just breastfeed. It's bad enough waking up to feed her through the night, but even worse when she's sleeping but I wake up because I have to pump. It's double the work. She's drinking approx. 4oz bottles. Sometimes she'll have a little extra, or sometimes she'll leave some behind, but she's a great eater. 

She's a pretty good sleepers. Her longest sleep periods are about 6 hours long. Usually she sleeps 3-6 hours during her longer naps, and she tends to have about 3-5 of those a day. She'll have a few shorter naps. Sometimes she'll be in a heavy sleep in my arms, and will wake up 5 minutes after I put her to bed. I've been lucky so far - when she wakes up during the night she usually goes back to sleep fairly easy. Although the past two nights she's only been going to sleep for the night around 3am. We are no where near having a schedule yet but I'd like to soon try to get into one. 

She coos sometimes now. She just started that this past week sometime. She smiles quite often, just not on command. This past week she seems to be getting over her crying all the time stage. Now she can hang out for a little while without crying. Don't get me wrong, she still cries a lot - usually as soon as my food is ready or when I'm trying to wash her bottles - but it's a lot less than before. And now it seems like I can actually calm her down, where before she only stopped crying when she felt like it. 

She seems to get a sore belly once a day or every other day. Once she farts or poops she seems to feel a lot better. 

She still sleeps in her playpen - all over the apartment. First she slept in our room but I can't sleep through her noises, so I moved her just outside the bedroom, which is a lot better. I hear her when she wakes up, but not when she's just making sleep sounds. 

As for me, I can drive again. I can lift most things again. My incision barely ever bothers me. Now I just need to go to my 6-week appointment in two weeks and see how well the doctor says I'm doing. 

Happy one month to my little girl. 

11 months until her first birthday ; )


SG to SP said...

She's a cutie! Sounds like things are going well. I still can't believe I'm going to have one in about two months!

Sean Marie said...

Happy one month! That's so exciting! It's going to be so great to watch all the little milestones she makes. :) I bet you're so proud of every little thing she does.

Baby Sister said...

I can't believe she's 1 month already. She's adorable!!

a. said...

aww how sweet! I cant believe she is 1 month already, wow.

Madeline said...

Happy one month!

She's too cute!

Mrs4444 said...

What a little sweetheart. I'm happy for you :)



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