Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Best Friends Got Married

The wedding weekend flew by and now it's over. My best friend is officially married. To another one of my best friends. It was a quick, beautiful ceremony, a reception with a lot of tear-jerking speeches, a great meal, and a great dance. The day went by way too fast. 

Being in the wedding, I didn't take pictures until the dance started, but I stole a couple to show you how awesome we all looked. 

Captions Photography

We had a girls pampering and hot tub night on Thursday. Pregnant me did not go hot tubing but I did get my toe nails nicely painted. 

Friday morning we went out for breakfast, the bride gave us all presents for being in her wedding. We all got pretty earrings to wear to the wedding, our make-up and hair paid for, and a bottle of homemade wine. It was really nice and kind of unexpected. A is kind of a super-bride. She got great gifts for everyone that helped out with the wedding. She got a tie clip for her father that had engraved 'the first man I ever loved' and had everyone crying when she gave it to him Friday night. 

The rehearsal was Friday night, followed by a rehearsal party at the groom's parents' house. The bridal girls all spent the night with the bride at her parents' house that night so we'd all be there first thing in the morning to get ready. 

It was a relaxing morning, just hanging out and getting our hair and make-up done. You could feel the excitement in the air but it still felt relaxing it. It was kind of nice and unexpected. We got dressed, pictures started, and eventually we were in a limo on our way to the church. 

Even now it's still so hard to believe it's all over. 

But congratulations to an amazing couple. They've found in each other what some people search for their whole lives. 


Melissa said...

Everyone looks so lovely!!! :)

Nicole J said...

You all looked amazing!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Glad you had such a great weekend! You look beautiful.

Haley said...

Aw you look so pretty. I love weddings :)

differentbreed said...

Everyone looks great! Following you from Tuesdays Gone!

Baby Sister said...

Everyone looks so awesome. Congrats to the newly wed couple!!



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