Friday, May 13, 2011

Pregnancy-related and other random thoughts

For starters, thank God blogger is up and running again. I was getting bored.

For second.. I have finally started buying a few 'maternity' items. Yup, "maternity". I say "maternity" because they're not supposed to be maternity clothes, but I've had to upgrade some of my clothes to bigger sizes.

Like the black pants I wear to work. After breaking off buttons, sewing on buttons, and struggling to button the buttons after bathroom breaks, I finally bought a cheap pair of sweat pants that can pass as dress pants. The trick? The drawstring is on the inside so you can't see it. They're still at size xs, but I can finally breathe in my work pants, and that means there's plenty of sizes for me to go to as I get bigger, and they're cheap enough for it not to matter.

I bought a couple of longer, room-ier shirts for the warmer days too. Not that it's ever going to get warmer. It's just going to rain forever. And ever.

And call me crazy but I bought two pairs of girl's winter booties, even though I don't know what I'm having yet. They were only $3 each, and at the price it's no big loss to me if I don't have a girl. I know a few people having baby girls soon anyway.

Baby is still kicking around, but not as much as a few days ago. Maybe because I've been too busy to really sit down and feel it. Still, it's pretty amazing when it does happen.

Now that the wedding is over I'm having to find new things to look forward to. Sounds like I'll be busy enough to keep me occupied.

May 14 - Viewing of potential apartment
May 15 - Time to take month #5 belly photos
May 15/16 - days off
May 17 - Doctor's appointment
June 7 - 3D Ultrasound and finding out sex of the baby!
July 1 - Potential moving day

Things are getting crazy and changing all over the place, but for now I'm going to be secretive.

I'm putting up a giveaway later today. Stay tuned. It's super easy to enter and win.


Caro said...

Those boots are so cute!

Melissa said...

Those boots are adorable, I probably would have bought them too. Hope everything is going well. :)

Baby Sister said...

Those boots are so stinkin' cute!! When I first read this, I was going newest to oldest and I thought "What?? She got married??" and then I remembered that your friend was getting married. Kinda startled me that I missed something that big while I was out of commission. Lol



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