Saturday, February 26, 2011

80 Goals to Accomplish in 627 Days

It isn't new news that I'm taking part in the Day Zero Project, where you make a list of 101 things you would like to accomplish in 1001 days. Today I went through and switched up some of my boring goals for more awesome ones. Here's an up to date list, and where I stand. 

1. Buy something on Etsy
2. Stay at all of the Rodds on the island
3. Start using a gym
4. Put change in someone's expired parking meter
5. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet
6. Have a baby
7. Go to a drive-in movie
8. Read 100 books
9. Learn to knit
10. Get a tattoo
11. Get a massage
12. Go to the zoo
13. Take a photography class
14. Have $500 in savings
15. Bake a fancy cake or cupcakes for someone
16. Read a biography
17. Win at NaNoWriMo
18. Floss everyday for a week
19. Travel by plane
20. Create my own shirt or other piece of clothing with iron-ons
21. Go on a boat
22. Go to a comedy show
23. Give up sugar for a week
24. Eat at 5 new restaurants
25. Learn to drive a standard
26. Go on a rollercoaster
27. Take a photo a day for a year
28. Use my fondue set
29. Sing karaoke
30. Watch the sunrise
31. Get a pedicure
32. Go on an unplanned road trip
33. Get professional maternity or baby photos done
34. Visit a new province
35. Spend a day at a water park
36. Have an amazing concert experience
37. Go sledding
38. Go on a local tour of anything
39. Complete one of my novels then let someone read it
40. Completely organize my scrapbooking materials
41. Buy rain boots then play in puddles
42. Print out my digital pictures up to 2009
43. Learn to walk in higher heels
44. Try at least 5 completely new recipes  (Meatloaf, cheesy spaghetti, banana bread, cake mix cookies, peanut butter cups)
45. Take a bartending course
46. Teach myself more French
47. Do a newborn baby photoshoot
48. Get 500 Twitter followers (174/500)
49. Cook a whole turkey/chicken dinner
50. Take a full week break from facebook, twitter, blogs
51. Send a message to 5 random facebook friends, just saying hi
52. Make 30 real blog posts in one month
53. Have my credit card owing balance at zero
54. Start paying off my Canada student loan
55. Have my provincial student loan down to 4 digits
56. Buy a new, better camera
57. Get Photoshop
58. Tip 50% to a really good waiter/waitress
59. Purchase an apron
60. Get a streak of unnatural color in my hair
61. Try at least 2 full bites of 5 different fruit (cherries, grapes)
62. Build a snowman
63. Do at least 5 DIY home decor projects (0/5)
64. Mail a letter instead of sending an email
65. Send a photo to the local newspaper
66. Travel to another province by bus
67. Eliminate any kind of pop from my diet for a month
68. Really get rid of the clothes I don't wear
69. Host a blog giveaway
70. Send 50 postcards via
71. Do a photoshoot for someone who isn't a close friend or relative
72. Complete all of the Challenges in the Sims 3!
73. Send 25 random occasion cards to as many different people as possible
74. Write up a first draft of my main novel, at least 50,000 words
75. Throw a party with a pinata!
76. Buy a fancy accessory for my camera
77. Self-teach real photography
78. Complete my own cookbook of my favorite recipes
79. Throw an amazing party for someone
80. Finally take a trip south
81. Get legs, under arms, and bikini line waxed
82. Make a list of the 100 best experiences of my life
83. Spend a whole day outdoors alone
84. Find Hershey's Caramel Kisses again
85. Donate to grocery/department store hosted charities at least 5 times
86. Get the sad Knorr salt and pepper shakers
87. Find out the favorite book of someone completely different from me, and read it
88. Learn to play Guitar Hero on medium
89. Spend a day watching girly movie and doing other girly things
90. Watch all of Gilmore Girls
91. Do a bit of grocery shopping at the Farmer's market
92. Attend a NaNoWriMo write-in
93. Complete my 'Must See' movie list
94. Climb to the top of a lighthouse
95. Buy an original piece of art
96. Spend a night in a fancy hotel room
97. Make peanut butter balls myself
98. Get 100 blog followers
99. Go for a walk when it's snowing and make snow angels everywhere
100. Get make-up professionally done
101. Go to a trivia night at a pub

21% completed
627 days remaining


Mrs4444 said...

Oh, dear! You are much more ambitious than I! Good luck with your list :)

Sandra said...

Come on, go buy something on etsy! It's so much fun and there is SO MUCH to chose from!

Anonymous said...

Wow you've got a lot done! I've been thinking about doing one of these lists too but I have a hard time thinking of 101 things! haha.. maybe I need to think outside the box..

WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck with your list.

There are so many things I want to buy on Etsy.

Kellie said...

Ambition is your middle name! I.m so inspired by this, thank you,

Nicole J said...

Make that 175/500 Twitter followers :) This was great post!

Baby Sister said...

#99 would be fun. :) Good job!!



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