Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomorrow is Income Tax Day

The blog is going under some renovations. Please excuse the messes that I might make while I play around.

It is income tax time again.Usually, my favorite time of year. Last year I splurged and got my first SLR camera. Still by far one of my best purchases ever. This year I was hoping to either take a nigh photography course, or get a new lens for the camera. But then I got to playing with online tax calculators. BAD IDEA. I know they're not really accurate, and I have no idea what I'm doing. But they scared me. The best results I got were owing about $300. Noooo I don't want to owe! But I guess we'll only really find out tomorrow.

No matter what the results, I probably won't have the money to spare for myself anyway. As of this morning, my car stalls whenever I stop. I picked mother up at work this morning and it drove fine on the way there, but halfway back it started. It didn't do it on my way to work, but I wonder if I drove for longer if it would start again. Either way, any car trouble is bad trouble.

Between trying to get caught up on bills, saving for a baby, and saving for a wedding I'm in - I don't have a cent to spare. It would be nice to have the same kind of tax return as last year so I could buy something nice for myself, while still getting caught up on bills and such. One can dream, I suppose.

What do you do when you get a large sum of money that you didn't budget for - something responsible or something you just really wanted?


Nicole J said...

I'm DYING to get a DSLR camera before Lil One arrives. The quality of photos you get makes it worth it. I hate being responsible with large sums of money but somebody's gotta do it :)

Courtney B said...

I don't even remember what it is like to get money back from taxes. Everyone I know is so excited for this time of year and I just dread it!
Being self employed I always have to pay money.. boo! I won't start seeing money until I have a baby. But when I do get that money I'm serioulsy sticking it right into savings. I'm so looking forward to that day :)

a. said...

I have my fingers crossed that my tax return is something like $100 and I'm happy.
I will be spending it wisely because there is just so much to pay for right now and bills are piling up, along with student loan payments starting soon...oh to win the lotto

bananas. said...

i vacation. only way to do it :)

Jayme said...

We try to be responsible but we always end up blowing it all. Like when we refinanced the house to update our 30+ year old kitchen? Yeah we used that money for a 10 day vacation to Florida and all the theme parks with all of the kids. Oops. Still using that nasty old stove... but I think those memories are worth it.

Baby Sister said...

I hope you don't have to owe anything...that's not fun. I usually do some of both...I pay off something or save some, and spend a little on myself. :)



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