Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The day I turned a bit girlier

Today, I did something I didn't think I would ever do. 

I got my nails done. Gel nails. Me. I never thought I'd do it because to be honest, I pick at my fingers and fingernails. They don't look pretty, and I try to hide them. That's not my point though. I got my nails done and it was a scary experience. I'll try to remember it step-by-step for you. 

1. Sand my nails with what looks like that tool my dentist has that files down my teeth when he's filling a cavity. Just what I need to be reminded of. 

2. Even though there was nothing on my nails except the dust from my own fingernails being sanded down, I was supposed to keep my fingers in front of a little heater when she wasn't working on them. 

3. She glued on my white tips, which were the equivalent to the wolverine's claws. 

[ via ]

[ via ]

4. Cut them freakily fast with something like this. Grab the big, white nail file and file them furiously fast. 

5. Pull out a small jar of poison-smelling liquid, and a jar of powder, along with a paintbrush. My thoughts: "Hmm, where is this going?"

6. Dip brush in poison, then cocaine-like powder, then brush onto nails in big clumps and smooth out. Still sticking free hand in front of heater. 

7. Sand nails some more, then some more. 

8. Move to another table and paint nails with what I think was clear polish. Keep nails under UV lights when not in use. 

9. File nails some more. At least three rounds of filing and sanding. 

10. Wash hands then pay. 

These are not my nails, but they look quite similar:

[ via ]

Strange experience, but I like the looks of them so I may have to keep it up. Maybe it'll cure my hand picking habit once and for all. 

Tell me about a weird spa experience that you've had, if you ever had one. 

PS: This wasn't a spa experience at all. This was random spot in the middle of the mall where the employees watch Hannah Montanna between customers. Next time? Pedicure! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my land, I thought the first picture was your nails *now* and I was horrified,haha. But I see they're just like the regular gel nails. I type so much I think I'd go crazy with long nails! They look nice though. I hope they don't break easy or anything (I don't know a lot about them obviously, lol).

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Mani's and Pedi's, I haven't had either one in ages. Now, those pesky eyebrows, yea they suck. I was crazy enough to get my waxed one time. P.a.inful.

WhisperingWriter said...

If I didn't chew my nails, I'd have them done.

I actually have never been to a spa before. I need to do that.

lindsey said...

I honestly thought that the first picture was your nail set. I was like WTF! Wheew...glad they look like regular fake nails ;)
I used to get my nails done way back when. I loved them. Always made me feel a little more put together.
And speaking of pedicures...I need one bad!

Nicole J said...

I loved getting my nails done. My girlfriends and I used to go when we were in high school and college, I use to go every 3 weeks to have redone. Word of advice since you are new to this, if the nail starts to lift for any reason either a) remove the nail or b) go and have them refilled. If water gets under there it can cause a fungus. They should have told you this but ya never know. You should go every 2-3 weeks to have them refilled to be on the safe side.

Baby Sister said...

I don't mind manicures, but I definitely prefer pedicures.

Lady Old Soul said...

LOL I thought from the preview on the Reader that the first pic was the nails you got, and I was a little horrified. But the end result looks beautiful!! =) That thing she used to clip at the first set of wolverine claws is freaking SCARY looking!! I think I'm scared off of having my nails done now...LOL I've never actually had my nails done before, so I think it would be best to maybe start with a pedi first. ;)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Your nails look so pretty. She did a great job.Really like your blog. Glad I found it!



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