Saturday, February 27, 2010

The girl with the fancy camera

I keep putting off posting, but I got my taxes done. I was terrified, because at first, she said I was going to have to pay in. But after putting in my student loan information, I got a LOT back.

My logic was, if I went from owing about $400 to getting... well, a lot, then I could do whatever I wanted with the money, because technically I almost didn't get it. So I took the boy to East Side Marios to eat then went and got my camera!

I was sad that I had to go to work so soon after getting home. Especially because I had to wait for the battery to charge. I haven't taken any decent pictures yet, since I have no one to take pictures of, and my aparment is nothing exciting. But I did get a good picture of my wine bottle & glass last night.

I'm still learning how to work the thing. I didn't want to make a post until I could post a couple of pictures, but I'm tired of waiting.

I'm just really hoping I can scrape together enough money to get into that night photography class that only has one spot left, before the spot is filled. I just don't want to have to borrow money. Wish me luck.

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