Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I need this camera!

I finally got everything I need to go get my taxes done and I am beyond excited. My only hope is that I get all the money back at once this time, instead of last year where they gave me half when I got my taxes done, and the other half a few weeks later. It was as if they made some kind of mistake and ended up owing me more. Whatever the case, I'm hoping I get it all at once this time.

I've been wanting (forever) to buy a new really good camera when I finally got my taxes done. I was hoping to find one semi-cheap, so I could still put a bunch of money on my credit card, but then when I was reading this blog and saw what gorgeous pictures her camera took (see here) I wanted that camera. And I just so happened to find it tonight online at Future Shop.

The Nikon D3000. It is crazy expensive for being a random purchase, when I owe so much everywhere else, but I've never wanted anything so much. It's basically $550.

It's pretty much perfect, since I wanted to see what kind of pictures the camera took before I bought one, and this one takes beautiful ones. I'm hoping this all works out and I can afford to get it. I will do anything to get this camera.

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