Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cinnamon buns and air-trains: The story of my travels

I struggled from 8:50-9:30 pm to stay awake. I'm still struggling with it, and so I'll finally recap my weekend trip. What better way to force myself awake until 10. At least it's more acceptable to go to bed at 10, than 9.

Never mind that I probably won't drag my lazy ass out of bed until 10 tomorrow morning but it is much needed.

This will be very detailed. RAOR: Read at own risk. 

Wednesday, September 8
The only thing that let me sleep, and not get all worked up until I felt sick was the fact that I had to work a full 8-hour shift right before my flight. The put off my excitement for a bit. By the time I got off work, I could not sit still. Mom took me to the airport, it was crazy easy. Baggage, security, not as scary as I thought. 

I was through early, so I had me some nasty airport food, since I hadn't eaten much all day. Yay for $3 cinnamon bun. I got lucky and the lady gave me the apple juice as well for the $3. 

And so I eventually boarded my very first plane, but not before slowing down to take a picture with my phone. 

We are pretty ghetto. On tv I always saw people walk through a tunnel, right on to their plane. 

Uh, no. Not on my island. We walk through a bit of an open-ended tunnel on the ground, straight outside over to the plane, and climb up some kind of stairs contraption there. 

I sat right at the wing. Super excited to get a window seat, never thought that the plane would block some of my view. 

Effin rain.

I got to sit with two old ladies, who didn't seem to share my newfound anxiety about flying. We started to move, I gripped the armrest. We stopped to wait about 10 minutes. Love the delays. Finally, we took off. 

This was probably my face:

But really, I wasn't too scared, just nervous. I was more scared about the feeling in my ears. I was chewing gum furiously so wtf was this feeling? It went away once we settled 40,000 feet in the air. No biggie. 

We got into the clouds. They were all dark and the wing was shaky. I couldn't see much. But then we got over the clouds. They were huge, and there were big spaces in them. I wish I could've gotten a picture, because I can't describe it in words. But I was amazed. I was thinking "This is so beautiful. I wish I could stay up here forever and watch this." But then after 10 minutes or so I was like "Effing clouds are so boring to look at," and I started watching some tv. (Highlight of my flight: Big Bang Theory was on for the last half hour, then Big Brother but I didn't get to watch it because we were in Ontario!)

So I got my first glimpse of Toronto, Ontario, and it was amazing. I think that view would've gotten less boring than the clouds, by far. 

[ via ]

I was in awe, so this is not my picture, but it gives you an idea. Either way, it is basically breath-taking, for a small town girl like me to see my first big city from the sky, all lit up. I didn't think we were in space where a plane could land, but then we landed. It was quick, and a bit bumpy and I near had a heart attack, but I survived. 

Mom gave me some advice: Follow the crowd, and they will lead you to baggage. Totally my plan. 

But no, I mentioned I was sitting beside two older ladies? I got stuck walking out behind them, and stopped when they did to grab a wheel chair. By the time I got around, the crowd ahead was gone, and the crowd behind was too far back. 

Turns out it's not hard to follow a bunch of signs with a bag symbol with an arrow. It seemed like a million years, but I found the baggage area. 

Then I found my love, who had snuck into the baggage area to find me so I wouldn't be scared. At that point I was on some sort of 'travelling high' and all in amazement. But I was mostly excited to see him. Cause apparently 5 days without him turns me into some whiny, needy thing. Gross. Moving on... 

My bag came quick, we grabbed out and headed out to find our ride.

I was amazed by the air-trains, or at least that's what I'm calling them for now because boyfriend is too slow responding to tell me what they're really called. By they go on those tracks you see a bit in the background. Common stuff for you city folk, more of an OMG moment for me. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of the actual air-train. 

Boring stuff: We drove to our condo (completely empty except an air mattress and our stuff, his aunt and uncle just moved into a new one, and still owned this one), got ready, and walked in the rain down to a cute little bar. Where we got: 

Bottle service!

A bottle of liquor, bottomless mix, and two buckets of ice so we could keep ourselves with drinks all night, without having to move. Genius. But drinking it all so quickly was not. Not bad experiences, just some stumbling and a couple of annoying hangovers on my first official day in Ontario. 

Ex-roomie joined us.

I needed that bottle of liquor just to put up with the two.

I like this one, but bf probably does not.

I bet he likes this one though:

At this point things get fuzzy, but we had some pizza and headed home to bed.

Goodnight, Ontario. 

PS. Air-train aka subway, supposedly. What do I know?
Stay tuned for part 2. 
Complete: My goals to 'Fly by plane' and 'Visit a new province'. 


Melly said...

Very nice. I liked looking at the clouds while flying but yeah, after a while, you're like, is there anything else to see?

Baby Sister said...

I remember my first time on a plane...I was scared out of my mind!! Glad you survived and had a good time!!

magnolia said...

toronto is one of my very favorite places on earth. it was my first foreign city to visit, too. i'd LOVE to go back soon.

Salt said...

I love me some bottle service. :) And I love both of the pictures of you guys. The last one is hysterical!

I'm glad you had a good flight. We have the tunnels that go out to the planes at the airport here, but where my mom lives, the airport is much smaller and I've had to walk out on the tarmac a few times and up those crazy stairs.

Connie said...

Looks like a fun time! Minus the rain.. *shudder. (;

ModernMom said...

Oh so glad you first trip on a plane was smooth! Yeah you!



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