Monday, September 20, 2010

Venassa Does Ontario - Part 2

Part 1 - Cinnamon buns & Air-trains

And this is part two. Again - this will be terribly long and extremely detailed.

Thursday, September 9th.

Nothing like waking up on the your first morning in a new city with a hangover. And being rushed to go out.

So we headed to the mall. I love malls. I don't love shopping so much when I'm hungover though, so I didn't shop very well. We went from the good mall, to the not so good mall, to the shitty mall, walking. It was a nice little tour of the city, minus the cloudy weather and our hangovers.

We ate at Applebee's.

I've never been before. I forgot what they're called that I got.. French Sliders? Little mini beef sandwiches with swiss cheese that you dip in some kind of dark jus, that really tastes like nothing. But it was good. Man, I'd love some of those RIGHT NOW.

Moving on..

We hopped on a bus, got off at the station and hopped on another bus. Easy stuff. Then we walked to B's father's place.

We had a quiet afternoon then went on a drive around the city with B's friend, S. We stopped for dinner at Jack Astor's. Chicken strips were okay, fries were boring. It was fine, but my meal was nothing special. When are chicken fingers ever special?

S's burger was interesting though.

We were home fairly early to our empty condo. I was kind of restless so we went for a walk. I got some pizza, then we got a bit of snacks and went to Blockbuster. It was a nice walk.

Friday, September 10th

It was Wonderland day! Or so we thought.

Closed on weekdays now, and closed Saturday due to a private event. We did CN Tower instead.

It was cool. I got some nice pictures and had my ears pop in an elevator. It's one of those 'try it once' things, where I would have no interest in doing it again unless I was going with someone who'd never done it before.

We wanted to stop at the Eaton Center but traffic was too crazy and we needed to get back. And THEN we got stuck because some sort of Back to School Parade was going on for a college or something. It was then that I got to see my first crackhead - a guy in a tye dyed shirt dancing down the street with a creepy smile on his face, stopping occasionally to spit at cars. We put our windows up.

On the way home I tried another new place: Mr Sub. Bread = good, but I would've rathered my sub toasted.

We relaxed for a little while then packed up to go to B's Mom's place for the next two nights. The drive was quite long due to construction closing off one lane.

We got there while she was still at work. It was nice to shower and be comfortable.

We were starving to we hit up a place called "Family Restaurant". I got fish and chips. I forget the type of fish, but definitely not something I'm used to. They got pizza, and it looked great.

Saturday, September 11th

We got up at a decent hour and went on a tour of Huntville. It's a really pretty place.

Lion's Lookout, I believe it was called. Overlooking part of the town. 

And look who came! This is Paper Venassa and B's mom. 

After we looked at the pretty-ness, we stopped at some shops along the town, then went to the mall.

At $7 each they were too expensive for me to buy them for my nephew, but still very cute. And he loves trains or basically anything that will stick together and move on wheels. 

I spent most of the rest of my money on jeans, DVDs and other random things.

We ate at a place who's name I don't remember. The food was okay. The waitress was not good at refilling water and missed somethings in our order.

We got home and relaxed and watched Eurotrip and napped.

We went out to Pizza Pizza (3rd time!) and I got us a large pepperoni pizza for supper. That is when I fell in love with jalapeno cheddar dipping sauce.

We were in bed crazy early that night, but I could not fall asleep for hours.

Sunday, Septembe 12th

Up early, to be on our way to the airport. Home time already.

Toronto airport was so easy to me this time around. Less stress with having someone with you, and knowing a bit more about the airport procedure. I love how huge it is on the other side of security in Toronto. On the island, we have a vending machine and a woman who sells chips and sandwiches and cinnamon buns.

Toronto they had about 5 places to eat and a bunch of shops.

I got poutine.

We were there very early so I broke down and bought a book to keep me entertained until it was airplane time. Time flew by.

It was nice flying with B this time. A lot better than being alone and beside strangers. I tried to sleep on the plane but wasn't very successful in it.

Mom picked me up at the airport and it really felt like I'd been gone for a long time. I don't know why. But it felt weird to be home. It was so hard waking up for work the next morning.

But basically, that was Ontario. I can't wait to go back.


Baby Sister said...

Sounds like so much fun!! I'm glad you had a good time. :D

Melly said...

what kind of place is only open on weekends? That's just weird.

Caro said...

Looks like you guys had a blast.



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