Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Fall is Great

Everyone is writing about the Fall and how much they love it. I'm going to jump on the Fall bandwagon, except I'm not as happy about it. 

I've made it more than obvious how I feel about summer. I started posting about beaches and swing sets back in January. I love bikini and shorts and ice cream and sunshine. I love it all. I even love the heat, I just don't love trying to sleep in it. 

Fall may have a happy place in my heart, but I don't love it like summer. 

But it's time to be optimistic. This is what I love about the fall:

1. My birthday in October

2. Halloween

3. Changing colors and piles of leaves

4. Cuddling for warmth

5. Thanksgiving

6. It leads to Christmas

7. And the first snowfall

8. And finally: No more constant leg shaving to look great in summer clothes! 

May your Fall season be filled with happiness and may your Thanksgiving turkey wear glasses. 


Shell said...

I love fall, but only b/c it's still mild here.

Baby Sister said...

All VERY good reasons to love fall. :)

Salt said...

All such wonderful things to look forward to! :)
PS. That turkey thing was one of my favorite episodes of Friends ever. I needed a laugh this afternoon.

Sarah said...

Yay for the no shaving part!! And I much prefer summer to fall, but that's just because I'm a teacher ;)



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