Sunday, September 26, 2010

Recap: more travels, a year ago & fall TV

Tuesday, September 21
New Brunswick road trip

What was supposed to be a trip to NS for S. to get fitted for a dress, turned into a random roadtrip to NB with no real plans or destinations. We visited a couple of roadside attractions, went to the zoo, tried out Magnetic Hill (my 2nd time), visited the outdoor gym, hung out with A. for the first time in months!, went to Hopewell Rocks, had some awesome Arby's, and just had fun. Here are a few pictures. 

A. and me. Just a tiny bit windy. 

Me and my moose friend at the zoo

Pretty kitties

Otters were our favorite! 

S. and me with penis rock at Hopewell Rocks

Thursday, September 23

It was my brother and sister's 19th birthday. They grow up so fast. 

I went out to a pub with mother and sister, where everyone drank wayy too much. We talked to lots of people, had some drinks bought for us, and made friends with the band, who stay at the hotel I work at. I was so excited when they dedicated a song to me. We talked to the guy a bit while the band was on break too. When I saw him at work the next day he even remembered mother and sister's names. 

Going out when you have to work the next morning is not a good idea though. Mom would agree with that as well. 

Friday, September 24

I felt horrible getting up for work, but I survived the day. My friend Scott was in town and stopped by to visit me at work on my last hour. When I was done we met up with B. and had supper together. The meal was great, especially being my first real meal of the day. 

Afterwards we did some quick video game and grocery shopping before Scott went home and I spent the night with B. 

He got me Playstation Move, which was hard to enjoy hungover, but still pretty cool. I was in bed nice and early that night, as we both had to work at 7:45 the next morning. 

Saturday, September 25

Thankfully, it was an easy day at work, since I was still pretty tired. But it was the last day before my sort of 3 day weekend. I was off at 4 and don't have to be back until Tuesday at 4. 

I met up with B. after work again and we played more PS Move. I rock at volleyball and table tennis, just sayin'. 

Later on we pooled our money together to get some BOGO McDonald's and some Haagen Dazs on sale. We tried vanilla almond a couple of nights ago (I LOVE it) and pralines and cream this time. He was a bigger fan of this stuff. Too bad it's regularly about $7 because I am in love. 

We watched American History X after getting back. Good, yet disturbing movie. 

Sunday, September 26

It's kind of a sad day today. It marks one year since Keith died. Although thinking about it doesn't hurt like it used to, I still miss the guy a lot. I miss our random MSN chats and taking pictures together and drinking the Captain. He really was one of the funniest people I've ever known. 

RIP Keith

On to happier things. 

I spent the morning with my love, and the afternoon with mother. 

We went to the farmer's market they were having downtown, a few cute gift/craft shops and Wal-Mart. The best place was Michael's, the craft store. I could spend millions in the store. Probably on scrapbooking supplies alone. There was so much I'd love to have. 

My favorite was the scrapbooking table and storage blocks like this one:
I would kill to have my own room just for crafts/scrapbooking. 

I also looked around the baking aisle. The materials available for making cakes is amazing. It's something else I would love to get into, but I can't afford to take on another hobby. 

I also spent some time on Good Reads today. I'm reading 'Smooth Talking Stranger' by Lisa Kleypas (bought in the Toronto Airport) and I'm really enjoying it. It makes me feel like I'm really getting back into reading. If anyone else is on Good Reads, friend me! 

One last random thought.. Desperate Housewives started tonight! I barely remember what was happening at the end of last season so I feel a bit out of it but I'm glad shows are starting back up again. I also have yet to watch Big Bang Theory's newest episode. It's waiting for me on the DVR for tomorrow. What are you guys watching this fall? 

Soon my bedtime. I'm hoping to get lots of tv and baking time tomorrow while everyone is at work. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


Baby Sister said...

Looks like a fun trip. :)

Sorry to hear that about your friend...that must be really hard.

This fall...I watch NCIS, The Biggest Looser, Dancing With The Stars (sometimes), Survivor, The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss...yeah...ummm...too many. :)

Sarah said...

What a fun trip! Those otters look VERY well fed :)

And I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to have my very own crafting/scrapbooking room. What joy would be mine!!

Melly said...

I want to go to the zoo.

Even anniversaries of friends death can be really hard. Hoping everything is ok.



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