Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review: Easy A

I've been wanting to see Easy A since I saw the preview a little while back.

High school drama-filled movies are right up my alley so I had high hopes for this movie from the beginning, especially after seeing good things about it plastered all over Facebook.

It was not a disappointment.

Although I think the movie wouldn't have been half as great without Emma Stone. I think she plays the part perfectly. I love her attitude. I especially love the 'Pocket Full of Sunshine' scene. Haven't seen the movie? Here's a clip. It contains no spoilers, I promise.

But getting back on track, I loved the movie. Not as much as I loved Letters to Juliet earlier this year, but a nice second favorite.

And how hot is Emma Stone?

She is definitely on my list of girls I would sleep with if I had any interest in girls. Speaking of hot:

Mr. Penn Badgley falls under that category as well. I've only watched Gossip Girl once ever, at least a year ago, so I'm not very familiar with the guy. But I do currently own both season 1 and 2 of the show, and now can't wait to start watching it.

I also love Amanda Bynes, ever since her What I Like About You days, and although she plays the part well, I just don't like her as a crazy religion-obsessed high schooler. But that's just me.

So to summarize, if this is the type of movie you like, you won't be disappointed.

Yay for teenage drama and hate!


Anonymous said...

I loved the movie when I saw it, too.

Baby Sister said...

I really want to see that, so I'm glad it's been getting good reviews!!

Salt said...

I thought this looked cute. :) I'll wait for DVD though. I know my husband won't go to the theater with me because for some unknown reason he hates Emma Stone.

Yeah I have no idea what's wrong with him.

Melly said...

I'd like to see this, glad it's good!

WhisperingWriter said...

I'll probably rent it when it comes out on Netflix.

Shell said...

IT looks like it would be a fun movie to watch!



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