Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fragments

A lot of my posts end up coming out on fragments. So since it's Friday and I've heard of something called 'Friday Fragments', I googled it to find the host blog, and I'm taking part.

 - I realized how much time I've wasted this week watching movies. I watched two movies with Abigail Breslin, and three with Ryan Reynolds. (Little Miss Sunshine, Definitely Maybe, The Proposal, and Just Friends). I won't even get started on the other movies I've watched lately. Basically, I'm running out of movies.

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 - I also realized how much time I waste in Michael's. Today was the second time that I've gone in there and wandered around for probably about an hour. By the time I come out, the nice weather has changed into a storm. Twice! But I did find so many new things in there today that I'd love to play around with to decorate my baby's room. I like the idea of the baby's name spelled out in white letters. Except I'd probably decorate them with my nursery colors - which are probably going to be lime green and pink for a girl or lime green and blue for a boy. 

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 - Lately, my first thought upon waking up in the morning is 'now what?' Usually it takes awhile for the energy to kick in so I don't feel up for much and I am so tired of watching tv and movies (see above). I've run out good things to watch. 

 - I really like this idea for a boy's room. Here's another different one. Stay tuned for more decorating ideas that I found and love. 

That's it for Friday Fragments. I had less to say than I thought. 


a. said...

ah Mario, thats cool! I really like the white letters and they would stand out on a nice coloured wall.
By the way I dont believe time is ever wasted at Micheals, I go there sometimes just because and walk around, I'm a geek and I love it :)

shopannies said...

love wandering stores getting ideas

Baby Sister said...

I heart Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I love Michael's. LOVE.

Was Definitely Maybe good?

Mrs4444 said...

Congrats on your upcoming baby! Getting ready is fun. I love Michael's too--lots of inspiration and reasonable prices (especially when they have coupons). I really like the name-in-letters, too--very pretty.

The beautiful thing about fragments is that you can write as as many (or few) as you like :) Thanks for linking up! For future reference, I publish FF on Thursday nights at 9pm central time; link early for best results :)

doreen said...

I could get lost in Michael's for hours on end. I really try to have a plan now before I go in.
I love the letters..I do these as well as blocks for all of my grand kids (11).
So glad you found FF. We are a good bunch; hope to see you next week.

Nicole J said...

I love the idea of having the babies name spelt out on the wall. Their are so many great ideas out there for nurseries. We are starting to work on the nursery that will be at my parents house, it's a lot of fun.



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