Thursday, February 24, 2011

Very Long Recap of Time Spent with my Nephew

Very long, very boring, recap of the beginning of the week. Read if you dare. 

Sunday, February 20
I found a crib and change table online and bought it. I haven't had the chance yet to wipe it all down, but I look forward to inspecting it a bit closer. I also have plans to get some paint to cover up the scratches and stains. My awesome little brother drove me 20 minutes out of town in his van to pick it up. It was some nice bonding time. In return, I made supper for everyone.

I couldn't even wait until him and his girlfriend were gone before I was laying in bed watching tv. I was asleep shortly before 10pm that night.

Monday, February 21
It was my second day in a row of working a morning shift at work. Mornings do not work well with me. I wasn't too tired though. I had the next day off and didn't have any plans so I called my sister and told her to drop my little nephew off at my place and I would take him home the next day.

We had fun watching Dora (one of his favorite shows for some reason) and playing Kinect at boyfriend's house. Me and him both went to bed around 10pm that night.

Poor boy woke up shortly before midnight. I don't know what was wrong with him, nightmare maybe, but he was just sitting up in bed crying a little. He was sick with a cold, so the crying made him cough until he was almost getting sick. I woke Mom up because he wouldn't talk to me at all and was scaring me a little. We calmed him down and back to sleep he went.

I don't think he slept too bad for the next few hours, but he moves so much in his sleep that he kept me awake. He was sleeping on my bedroom floor on a crib mattress so I could hear his every move. He woke up a couple of times, but was mostly fine.

Tuesday, February 22
We were awake around 6am, and I don't think we slept again after that. I got him a drink and we layed in bed, both of us tossing and turning. Around 7am he started crying again so we got up for the day. Mom gave him some children's Tylenol because he was saying he had a sore ear. He was back to his normal self for about an hour before he started getting upset again. I called his Mom and we made our way back to his house.

He was his happy self he whole drive home. We shared a breakfast sandwich along the way. I silently cursed and some crazy drivers trying to pass me in the middle of some snow drifts

I hung out with him and my sister all day. He played for awhile but started feeling sick again around lunch time. I feel so sad for him when he's sick but like most kids, it's the only time he wants to cuddle. He yelled from his bedroom "Mommy hold me" to my sister. She wrapped him in a blanket and he fell asleep in her arms. He slept on the couch for a couple of hours until we had to get him up for his doctor's appointment. I wish I had pictures of him all snuggled in his blanket.

He was fine until we got into the doctor's office, then the tears started. He hasn't been sick much in his life so he's not used to doctors. He started crying more when the doctor came in, but it was silent tears and he did everything the doctor asked. We were only in there a couple of minutes. Poor baby had infection in his ear. We got his medication and I had to leave soon after. My sister says he's feeling better now though.

I had supper with Sarah before coming back home, where I had to try so hard to keep myself awake until 9:30. I was asleep around 10pm for the third night in a row. For the first time in forever, I slept right through the night, and I slept around 11 hours. It was nice to finally catch up on sleep.


Natalia Lynn said...

I read your comment on Eisy morgan about picnik. You can actually save them to your computer by pushing the export button and then choosing a file. Hope this helps a bit!

Baby Sister said...

I hate when kids are sick. It's the worst!! Enjoy getting lots of sleep!! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

when I was little I use to LOVE to stick balloons on my head like this! :)

Nicole J said...

Ear aches are the WORSE! I had one last year and I was half tempted to go to the ER because it was the most pain I've ever been in. Poor thing, I hope he starts to feel better!



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