Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recipe: Best Meatloaf Ever

Me, the typical hater of the kitchen, actually made a decent meal a few nights ago. I usually hate cooking anything that I haven't made before, especially if I know it's going to take a long time. Because I have a habit of ruining things sometimes.

I made meatloaf for me and my mother (cause she lives there too) and boyfriend because he likes to be fed sometimes, then invited my brother because he did me a favor that day, and his girlfriend came along too. So all of a sudden I was cooking for 5. That's like... a family. I was wondering what the hell I got myself into.

Long story short, I slacked on the potatoes and used instant potatoes that came with gravy - I got home late and never would've had the patience to peel and cook real potatoes for 5 people. Plus, everyone was starving. It near 7pm by the time we ate. So the potatoes were nothing to brag about but my entree was meatloaf. I'd made it before (I was 19 or so at the time) and it was bad. I say it's the recipes fault. This time it was a success. I didn't take pictures because everyone was too busy being starving to even think of it, but I wanted to share the recipe.

Best Ever Meatloaf

2 Egg
2/3 Cup of Milk
3 Slices of Bread
1/2 Chopped Onion (I left out because I hate onions)
4 oz Cup of Shredded Cheese (I used mozza, and just dumped some in without measuring)
1 Tsp Salt
1/4 Tsp Black Pepper (I forgot the salt and pepper, but threw some on top while eating anyway)
1 1/2 lb Lean Ground Beef (I just used a ton. I don't know how to properly figure out how much is 1 1/2 lb)


1/2 Cup Tomato Sauce
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Tsp Mustard

(I used Ragu sauce because I didn't have regular tomato sauce. I didn't have brown sugar either but looked up a substitution for it online and used 1/2 Cup of White sugar plus two tablespoons of Molasses)

Beat eggs. Add milk and bread and let stand until bread absorbs liquid. Stir in onion and cheese. Add ground beef. Mix well. Shape into a loaf.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Combine topping and spoon over meatloaf after about 30 minutes. Spoon topping over meatloaf every 10 minutes or so while meatloaf is cooking.

I will definitely be trying out this recipe again. It was so yummy that we cleaned out the entire huge pan within a few minutes.


Noelle said...

I am so proud of you! :)

Baby Sister said...

That looks nummy!! Well done!!



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