Monday, December 12, 2011

The one where Chloe is two months old

Yes, two months old. Already. Well, 11 weeks now, but I started writing this when she was two months old. Here she is at one month old

She had her two month doctor's appointment on November 16th. She's right where she needs to be and doing what she should be doing - smiling, cooing, gaining weight, all that fun baby stuff. 

Weight: She was 8lbs 8oz at the doctor's appointment, as of December 1st she's 9lbs (that was at her needle appointment). At her needle appointment they told me she's at the 4th percentile for weight, which is not really good. They suggested I feed her more but she's eating as much as she wants. I'm not going to give her the bottle every 5 minutes, although some days that's what I feel like I'm doing. She misses a feeding because she's sleeping so long lately. It's not her fault she was small when she was born. Mom says I was the same when I was a baby.

[ Dec 1st ]

Height: She's 22 inches long. On December 1st she was 23 inches. 

Clothing: She outgrew her newborn sleepers awhile back, but only because she's so long. Now she's wearing 3 month sleepers, but some are a little baggy on her. She was still wearing her newborn onesies when she was two months but I just started putting them away. She finally started fitting in some non pj clothes. The first nice outfit she fit into was (on November 15th) a cute pink one by Baby Phat. 

Diapers: She would still fit in newborn size, but when we ran out of those we decided to switch her to the size 1's since we had two huge boxes of them, plus all the ones that were on my diaper cake. 

Feeding: She's been on formula (Isomil) since November 1st. She seems much happier on the formula than she was on breastmilk, which is great. She's drinking 4oz bottles still, but sadly I  couldn't tell you how many she drinks a day. Somewhere around 6. I never have to worry about her not eating enough.

Sleeping: For about a week (November 8th-15ish) she'd been going to bed around 11-12 and sleeping 7 hours straight. Then for awhile she was sleeping from 9:30-4:30am, eating and then I'd have to fight with her to get back to sleep. Sometimes she'll wake up other times in between, but usually won't even take the bottle and just goes right back to sleep. I much prefer it when she wakes up for the first time around 7 am instead of the 4 am. Now that it's December 11th, the past three nights she's been going to bed between 10 and 11 and only waking up after 8am. It's pretty amazing.

Personality: Sometimes when she's crying in her crib and I go get her, she's all smiles as soon as I start talking to her. Other times not so much. She seems to love getting her diaper changed, and usually smiles when we're doing that. She has her mood swings. Lately she cries a lot when we're driving, which makes going places hard, because we're usually alone and it's hard to soothe a baby and drive at the same time. She loves her playmat now and falls asleep in her swing all the time. She still hates the pacifier but discovered sucking her thumb, and more recently her fingers. Sometimes she tries so hard to get them in but can't, but she's getting better. I'm not a fan of the thumb sucking, because I did it for a long time, but I'd rather that than the finger sucking. Lately she gets very mad when I burp her. I'm not sure why.

She still loves bath time and loves when I hold her over my shoulder so she can look around. She's a lot more fun to play with now and loves kicking, cooing and smiling. She had her first laugh on December 7th when my mother was playing with her. I didn't see it but I heard it. On December 2nd she rolled from her back to her side for the first time.

Lately when I put her to bed at night her head is at one end of the bed and when I wake up it's at the other end of the bed. I don't know how she does it because the blanket she lays on isn't moved a bit.

Sometimes I just stare at her in amazement that she's all mine. I just love those pretty blue eyes.

My best friend, A., wrote a post about my little girl. It's the sweetest thing. Read it here

While we're on the subject of little bundles of joy, Sean Marie had her gorgeous little girl a little over a week ago. Send her your congrats : )


Haley said...

She is too cute. I think she's getting even more so with every picture you post.

a. said...

she is getting bigger, already over 2 months old! I cant wait for your two to visit :)

Baby Sister said...

2 months?? Seriously? Wow...time sure has gone by really fast!!



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