Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chloe's Not-so-silent Sunday

Just a couple of videos for you viewing pleasure today.

First up, the silent video. This is Miss Chloe trying to run a marathon last night. She kicks even crazier when she gets on her play mat. It makes me tired just watching her. You can enjoy some Reba playing in the background.

Second is Chloe doing her fake cry. This is her 'I'm annoyed at something and I want to let you know. If you ignore me long enough, then I will really cry and you'll be sorry' cry.

Fun fact: Earlier this weekend I accidentally shot a video of her taking a poo face. I was just trying to take a video and she got started so I let it tape. I feel awkward even watching it myself, but it will be something to laugh about later on.

Hope you weekend was great : )


tyler_faye said...

HAHAHA awww cutie.

How do you get your blog titles in different font? They look so nice I want to do it too!

Sean Marie said...

Oh my gosh, too freakin' cute!

Baby Sister said...

She makes me tired too!! But she is adorable. :)



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