Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For the love of food

Oh Pinterest. It's probably as addicting as crack. I wouldn't know as I haven't tried crack but man am I ever addicted to Pinterest. I've used it a bunch lately to help me out in the kitchen. And the verdict? Well, read on. 

I tried Foolproof peanut butter fudge. Just two simple ingredients. It's really peanut buttery, but still yummy. Great if you want a super fast and easy fudge fix. Plus, if you didn't know what the ingredients were, you probably wouldn't guess. 

I tried out oreo cheesecake cupcakes. The recipe was easier than I expected. The only problem was I saw 2 packages of cream cheese, and that's what I used. It turns out that my packages of cream cheese are larger than the recipe called for. I think after the math, I had about 50g more cream cheese than I needed, but by then they were already in the oven. They still taste okay, but they're a bit cheesier than I'd like. 

I had a helper for these. 

Peanut butter no bake cookies. I made these once before, but this time they turned out even better. I ate so many of them for a few days after, but luckily I stuck some in the freezer to eat closer to Christmas. I love Christmas baking. 

Pizza biscuits. So yummy, except I had all my cheese and pepperoni right in the middle. Next time I want to mix it into the dough more, not all in one spot. Still a great snack. Very quick to make and cook. 

Pizza casserole. Probably the best thing I've made. Even the leftovers taste great. 

And the newest thing I made from Pinterest - Pizza grilled cheese. Also very yummy. I didn't dip in pizza sauce, I spread pizza sauce on the inside of each piece of bread so it's cooked right in.

It's amazing how much you can make with one package of pepperoni and one small can of pizza sauce. I'm in pizza-freaking-heaven.

Pinterest is so good. 


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Note to myself- don't read this while I am dieting,lol. These all look fantastic. The pizza grilled cheese-yum. This is a great post for a huge food lover like me!

Elisabeth said...

love pinterest - especially for recipes!


I wanted to try this recipe for a while now and now I think I am going to! That looks SO yummy! I love Pinterest! Thanks for sharing! Also your little helper is adorable. :)

Baby Sister said...

Pinterest is so addicting!! But I love it for finding new recipes. Boyfriend and I are making one tomorrow that we found. So excited. Your recipes look amazing. I'll have to try them one day. :)



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