Thursday, October 21, 2010

Writer's Workshop: About Me

Mama's Losin' It

Mama Kat's assignment this time around is as follows:

About me. Do you have an about me page? Because people want to know. Write a page that describes who you are and what you're about or spruce up your current about me page!

Here is the preview before I permanently link it to my 'About Me' section.


I am a lover of lists. I could give you my life story in paragraphs, but that would bore me. And probably you : )

Reading, Writing, Photography, Scrapbooking, Blogging, Learning blog design, Lists, Collecting tv show boxed sets, Beach, Swing sets, Maple candy.

Bagpipes, Insects, Putting away laundry, Series finales, Cooking,

To go to the Bahamas, Run my own used bookstore, Become a professional photographer

(cause everyone likes to creep at times)
- I have a paper version of me that lives a more exciting life than I do.
- I have a boyfriend. It will be two years on May 15th.
- I have a family. A younger sister and brother (twins), a mother, and the cutest nephew in the world.
- I have a job that I really love. I'm a front desk person at a hotel. I also have a second job as a grocery store cashier. I don't love that job so much.
- For more hardcore creeping, see my Contact page.

My life over the years
Intro to Me
My first trip! - Part 2

Now please introduce yourself and say hi! No creeper links required. 


WhisperingWriter said...

I also love reading and writing!

bananas. said...

bagpipes? haha! that's random. i think i like them. blame my irish boyfriend.

a. said...

you hate bagpipes!?! Should I tell you then that because I am of Scottish heritage on both sides and Richie is Scottish-British heritage we are having bagpipes at the wedding! but don't worry he's only going to play them as we walk out of the church at the end of the ceremony, lol

Bossy Betty said...

Reading and Writing? You're my kind of gal! Love the creeper links too! Very intriguing!

Sarah said...

Love this!! I also love to read and write. And I absolutely couldn't live without lists ;)

Noelle said...

What is your favorite tv show boxed set? Mine is Gilmore Girls.

I love what you said about your paper self. :)

Have a great weekend!

Baby Sister said...

I love your lists. :)



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