Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chloe: three months old

Baby girl I cannot believe you are three months old now. You're actually three weeks away from turning four months old, which sounds even crazier. I'll admit it - you were a little bit of a pain for the first few weeks of your life, but this past month, and especially the past two weeks you've been an absolute joy. 

Not only do you smile all the time, but you try to talk like crazy. Sometimes I just can't take my eyes off of you. I've turned into one of those obnoxious parents who thinks everyone should love you and think you're as adorable and amazing as I do. 

You still despise the car and being in your car seat. You still love bath time. Sometimes you'll be so tired during bath time that you yawn like crazy, but you never whine at all. You've become a bit of a whiner though. You don't cry very often anymore, but you whine all the time when you're bored or unhappy. 

You still love to suck on your fingers. They're in your mouth all the time. 

You kick around like crazy, and get this look of concentration on your face when you do. Sometimes you fight sleep when you're tired and I don't know what to do. Other times, all I have to do is put you on your playmat and you roll yourself onto your side and suck your fingers to sleep, then I carry you to bed. It's pretty cute. Your personality is changing so much so quick but I love every minute of it. 

Weight: The last time I weighed you, right before Christmas, you were still 9lbs. Not good, but since then it seems like you've been eating quite a bit more. 

Height: Still 23 inches. Did you stop growing?

Clothing: Since you've gained no weight or height, you still fit in your 3 month sleepers. You wear a lot more cute outifts now, all still 0-3 months. 

Diapers: Still size 1, but they fit perfectly now. 

Feeding: Still on 4 oz bottles but I'm planning on starting the 6 oz bottles next week

Sleeping: You've been sleeping good for the most part (usually 5-7 hours straight, then another 2-3 hours after that), except for three nights straight where you woke up ever 1.5 - 3 hours, which was rough on mommy, the next night you slept 12 hours straight finally. 

One month old
Two months old

Another blog friend, S., just had her gorgeous baby boy. Send her your congrats : )


a. said...

She is so precious! Cant wait to snuggle her :)

Venassa said...

@a. - She's a lot more snuggly than the first time you met her :p

Haley said...

She is gorgeous! She looks more and more like you every picture you post. I'm in love with the one where she's sleeping, too precious!

Nicole J @ Pampers and Pumps said...

I love her expression in the first picture! This was a really cute note to baby C. Hope you had a great holiday and new year BBFF!

Baby Sister said...

She gets more adorable every day. How fun to have a 3 month old. :)

Sean Marie said...

Wow, her eyes are SO amazing. She is growing so fast!



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