Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012

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It's the end of a year. Time to let go of the past, and look forward to the future. Time for new beginnings, for changes, for a better outlook on life. Time to make a better life for me and for Chloe. 

There are less than two hours left of 2011 as I write this. What a crazy year. At this time last year, I never would've imagined I'd end up pregnant. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure it was this night a year ago that I got pregnant. Happy Chloe conceiving day. There will be no children made (by me) on this night this year. I just got my princess into bed and I'm joining her shortly. It would've been nice to get out and party the night away like I usually do, but friends' plans were too last minute to even both asking for a sitter. It doesn't even feel like New Year's Eve, a night I usually look forward to like crazy.

Of course I'm going to list some resolutions for the new year. This is just the beginning of my resolution list. I need a little more time to complete it. You know how I love lists. 

Learn how to crochet
Start using my camera in manual mode
Stop overspending
Take a vacation to Moncton
Find lots of fun activities to do with baby C
Try to make more friends
Be more creative
Do a lot of work on Chloe's scrapbook

I would also love to do this, write down one thing I've done each day for years. 

Do you have any resolutions?


He & Me + 3 said...

Those are great ones and many of them I am shaking my head in agreement. Those are some I would love to do too. Thanks for some suggestions.
Hope you have a blessed year.

Theresa said...

Happy New Year Venessa! I have a few things on my list similar to yours. Wishing you the best this coming year! xo

Shell said...

Sounds like good goals for the year! Amazing what a difference a year can make.

a. said...

Maybe r. And I made a baby ;) lol we shall see. I need to make a list too. The YMCA has good programs with babies like mom and tot swims and check the library, here they do babies activities for development and stuff

Emma said...

O0o0o0oh learning to use my camera on manual is one of my resolutions too!!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Happy New Years! That picture is super cool. I love your list, they're definitely all attainable and I think you're gonna reach them all.

Baby Sister said...

Boyfriend and I were up until 1:00...and were very tired the next day. :) I like your list, especially the first one. I want to learn how to crochet too. And I love the idea of the picture a day thing. Really clever!!

Sean Marie said...

Good for you. My new years resolution is to obviously lose the baby weight and to try and worry/stress less! Happy new year to you and little Chloe. :)



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