Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How I've Changed since 2010

Today is moving day. Ok, that's a lie, today is November 24th but I'm writing a scheduled post, mmkay? So it's moving day. And that means I'll have zero time for blogging, and I won't have internet for another day. So I have something fun.

I filled out a little self-made survey back in March 2010, then again in August 2010, just to document some of the little things that change with me over time. I guess I forgot about it, because I never did it again. Now, over a year later, let's take another look.

I am still Venassa.

My age is 24 years + one month
22 years, and 10 months.

I live with B, but I'm moving November 29th (which is today, but this is a scheduled post I wrote Friday :p) to live on my own for the first time ever
alone, in the apartment I used to share with my boyfriend. I'm moving in with my mother in a few days.

Some of my obsessions are learning how to crochet, card making, trying to sell my old clothes and junk, getting enough sleep
Still tv show boxed sets, photography, blogging, getting on my feet financially, saving for some decent furniture for the future.

I really enjoy any little bit of time I get to myself, seeing my beautiful daughter smile like a million times a day now, any good meals when I can get them, Tim Horton's french vanilla cappuccino supreme, not breastfeeding anymore
Relaxing with ice cream and Reba on DVD, quiet nights at work, getting back into writing.

I'm currently watching 90210 anytime there's a new episode on Netflix. How I Met Your Mother season 6 for the second time. My Name is Earl on Netflix and any old rerun on TVTropolis (Friends, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, Frasier, Golden Girls, That 70s Show)
Reba: season 5. Big Brother!

I just finished watching How I Met Your Mother season 6. I just finished The OC for the third time shortly before Chloe was born. I needed something to watch in the bedroom to put my super swollen feet up. 
Reba, seasons 2-4.

What would make me happiest is being all moved into the new place, having extra money for Christmas shopping, for Chloe to keep sleeping as well as she has been, to learn how to crochet, to find a way to make a little money on the side
for summer to last forever. Or for my financial problems to go away.

I really hate that all my family and friends live at least an hour away, my super squeaky box spring, me not being able to sleep well lately, when Chloe has been
working while there's a wedding going on, my landlord wanting to fix up the apartment I'm moving out of while I'm still there especially since they wouldn't fix it for us.

My current excitement is moving. 
having a free morning tomorrow, and hopefully getting some more things moved out of the apartment.

By the time I do this again in 4 months I hope to be living in a new apartment, to have a happy healthy 6 month old girl, to have much better eating habits
to have a bit more money, and to be in my own apartment, or close to it.

Yeah, so I'd say things have changed just a tiny bit.


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Yea, they've changed a "wee" bit :)

Sean Marie said...

This is such a cool post idea. I may have to do something like this for the new year! It's amazing to reflect and see how much things change in such a short time. Wishing you the best with moving. We'll miss ya while you're away! :)

Haley said...

I love this!

Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

What a fun survey! You should start recording info about Chloe in it as well. Would be interesting to see how she progresses. :-)

I remember when I moved on my own for the first time (as a single mom, also). It was frightening, but also very freeing. I'm an old married gal now, but I still remember those days!

How are you decorating your new digs?

Baby Sister said...

Isn't it crazy how things can change in a year??



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