Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me, right now

Sometimes when I think back to a year ago, six months ago, two months ago, I seem so different from the me I am now. I don't do the same things anymore. It takes different things to make me happy. The people in my life have changed. So many situations have changed.

I thought it might be interesting to see how I change over the span of a few months, survey style. I hope to do this once every four months to see just how different I am each time. I will be nice to look back on.

I am still Venassa.

My age is 22 years, and 5 months.

I live with my boyfriend of 10 months, in a way-too-big apartment downtown.

Some of my obsessions are finding an apartment to settle in for a few years, tv show boxed sets, Guitar Hero, photography, blogging, making the perfect lasagna.

I really enjoy taking pictures of anything, reading in the bathtub, a couple of glasses of cheap wine on a quiet night at home, making puzzles.

I'm currently watching Desperate Housewives, season 3; Reba, season 1; and can't wait to start watching The Bachelorette when it starts. I just finished watching all of What I Like About You and The O.C.

What would make me happiest is for it to be summer, or at least smack in the middle of spring.

I really hate my too-small bed, having my Cosmo subscription sent to my grandfather's place, always being cold, the hotel guest that lied to the company owners today about me.

My current excitement is going to Moncton this weekend for my best friends engagement party.

By the time I do this again in 4 months I hope to be in the middle of the best summer so far, to have hit the one year mark with the boy I'm in love with, to be planning a trip out of province.

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