Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday

I forgot what my blog looked like. Whether that be from my lack of internet lately, or because I changed it just before I left.

I've been having the feeling all day that the contents of my life were thrown into one of those Yahtzee cups, shaken around, and dumped out at random.

  • We woke up at 6am to the sound of scratching at the ceiling above our bed. It could be described as a squirrel/rat/ferret or some kind of small animal trapped in there, trying to claw it's way out. We made our way to the living room for about an hour, but once it was light out, the sound stopped.

  • Once I went back to bed to try to get some sleep, work called asking why I wasn't in. The schedule got changed without anyone informing me, so what I thought was going to be a 4-midnight shift, turned out to be a 9-4 shift. At least my day was an hour shorter by being late.

  • I am quite behind on reading blogs. You go away for four days then spend the next 24 hours trying to get caught up. Blog life is important too.

So really, nothing worth mentioning has happened, I just have that feeling.

I spent the weekend away with good friends, so I'm incredibly behind on sleep (and everything else) since... Wednesday? Don't get me wrong, the friend and family time was well worth the no sleep, I'm just feeling all kerfuffled today because of it. But look at the adorable boy I got to spend the night with on Wednesday.

And my camera takes really nice pictures of trees, aparently.

Nessa needs this shift to end (43 minutes) so she can go home and have some quality couch/tv time. It's never a disappointment when Monday's workday is finally over.

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