Sunday, August 22, 2010

How I've Changed Since March 2010

I originally filled out this same survey 5 months ago, planning to do it every 4 months or so, but I'm a bit late. That's okay. I'm doing it now. So much has changed.

I am still Venassa.

My age is 22 years, and 10 months.

I live alone, in the apartment I used to share with my boyfriend. I'm moving in with my mother in a few days.

Some of my obsessions are Still  tv show boxed sets, photography, blogging, getting on my feet financially, saving for some decent furniture for the future.

I really enjoy Relaxing with ice cream and Reba on DVD, quiet nights at work, getting back into writing.

I'm currently watching Reba: season 5. Big Brother!

I just finished watching
 Reba, seasons 2-4.

What would make me happiest is for summer to last forever. Or for my financial problems to go away.

I really hate working while there's a wedding going on, my landlord wanting to fix up the apartment I'm moving out of while I'm still there especially since they wouldn't  fix it for us.

My current excitement is having a free morning tomorrow, and hopefully getting some more things moved out of the apartment.

By the time I do this again in 4 months I hope to have a bit more money, and to be in my own apartment, or close to it.


ModernMom said...

Great idea for a post. Oh I too sometimes wish summer could last forever...

Baby Sister said...

I found you!! I've never been able to find your blog, so I finally asked Noelle today. I'm excited!!

I think this is a good idea!! And I love Reba. :)



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