Tuesday, August 30, 2011

50 things to do while on maternity leave

Summer is pretty much over. I failed at completing most goals on my 30 Things to Do This Summer list. So time to make another list to fail at, shall we?

50 Things to Do While on Maternity Leave 
(Part one! - The first 25)

1. Write a post solely about poop
2. Decorate a garbage can
3. Make at least 50 handmade greeting cards (the ones made before September 3rd don't count)
4. Get rid of anything and everything that I don't really use
5. Be awesome enough to sell my handmade crap at a crafts fair or flea market
6. Teach a baby to walk before she's a year old!
7. Think long and hard about going back to school
8. Take baby girl out for her first Halloween like Mom did with me
9. Start planning the most awesome 1st birthday party for baby ever
10. Take my grandfather up to stay with us for a few nights after the baby is born
11. Take really nice photos of baby once a month
12. Get a pedicure
13. Write more
14. Hit 200 blog followers
15. Hit 500 Twitter followers
16. Become pretty much famous
17. Learn a bunch of new recipes while I have the free time - blog about a few of them
18. Come visit the housekeepers at work with the baby :)
19. Take a trip to NB with baby
20. Make an effort to dress up a few days a week
21. (Maybe) host Christmas at our place this year
22. Decorate for every holiday
23. Celebrate every holiday as if the baby actually knows what's going on
24. Mod Podge some form of furniture (Note: Check out this awesome Mod Podged dresser)
25. Organize binders - craft idea binder and recipe binder

(See: Part 2 here)


a. said...

I love decorating for holidays and the baby will know from pictures that you celebrated! I want Halloween pictures!!! I would suggest take a trip to NB x 2 or more, haha! You're off work, just get here and don't worry about anything else :) perhaps for my super fabulous kid friendly Halloween party ;) for trip 1

Shannon said...

This is a great list! I wish I could take more than 6 weeks maternity then maybe I could also accomplish a few of these :)

Baby Sister said...

Looks like a fun list. :) Good luck!! I always struggle with lists...

Salt said...

Love the list and love the idea of making one too. I think I might have to do this myself, although I can already imagine that I won't even make a dent. You are so industrious. :)

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Don't forget to sleep!! SLEEP!!!!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Holy crap that's one helluva list! I like "become pretty much famous" : ) OH! And don't worry about the poop post, once your babes is here, you'll have PLENTY of poop inspiration

Anonymous said...

What a list, you are braver than I. I pretty much sat on my butt and stared at my baby my entire maternity leave...all three of them!



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