Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My summer goals and how I've failed

Remember when I posted my list of 30 Summer Goals?

Let's revisit that list for a moment to point out how big of a failure I've been.

1. Have a picnic on the beach

2. Have a perfectly decorated baby nursery ready
It's not ready yet, but I am a hell of a lot closer.

3. Take birthing classes

4. Open an Etsy shop maybe
Still thinking about it.

5. Go for walks on the beach in the late evening
I've barely been to the beach at all.

6. Get a bikini wax!

7. Get pedicure

8. Make one last trip to NB before baby comes

9. Get outside and READ
I've barely been outside AND I've barely read.

10. Read at least 5 books read over the summer
See above.
11. Make it a point to look awesome at least 5 days a week
Yeah, definitely didn't happen. I live in my pjs right up until I go to work for the day.

12. Ditch the coffees and iced caps and replace them with smoothies.
I got maybe two smoothies all summer, but tons of iced caps and coffees. Lately I haven't had any though, so I guess that's a step forward.

13. Take more pictures - both for myself and for others
I did one photoshoot, and hopefully one coming up.

Yay I accomplished something. Me and B. did this in June and it was a great weekend.  

15. Visit the Famer's Market a few times

16. Scrapbook all my monthly belly photos before the baby comes
(Months 1-6 complete)

17. Hit 100 blog followers
Love you guys :)

18. Have an awesome baby shower & make my own invitations

19. Get my money-saving ass in gear

20. Play mini-golf

21. Take a weekend vacation or 'babymoon'
This was the same weekend away with B. in June. Kill two birds with one stone I suppose.

22. Make and organize an area in my apartment for crafting
I love having my own space. I posted a photo of my desk only. This was on a clean day.

23. Go to the drive-in
Never made it.

24. Go swimming at least 5 times
I went once in June, once in July. Possibly one other time. I haven't gone much but at least I've gone!

25. Get at least two more photo shoots in this summer
I did one, and hoping to do another for a friend of mine before the summer is over.

26. Make my own popsicles
Fail. I couldn't even bother to make popsicles. At least there's still time.

27. Actually do something with my hair at least one day a week
Big fat fail.

28. Eat at two totally new-to-me restaurants in the city
I ate at a new chinese food restaurant, if that counts, but I think that's it. But I ate out on a deck on the waterfront TWICE and that should count for something :p

29. Take nephew on the harbor hippo tour
I really wanted to, but the money and time just isn't there :(

30. Stop worrying so much
I can't.
So hopefully your goals for the summer have been a lot more successful in getting completed than mine. If I actually go through with doing anymore on this list, you may hear about it again, otherwise we'll just let this sad list die on its own.
What I should've put on my list? Get maternity photos done. Cause at least I managed to do that and they turned out great.


Caro said...

I didnt have any goals except to move which I did.

Baby Sister said...

I don't think you accomplished some, right? That's better than nothing. :)



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