Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Goals, revisited

It occurs to me that I've completed some items on my list, but I also have not finished making the list. So it's time to finish the list, and see how I've done during the first month of my summer. 

30 Things to Do This Summer

1. Have a picnic on the beach
2. Have a perfectly decorated baby nursery ready
3. Take birthing classes
4. Open an Etsy shop maybe
5. Go for walks on the beach in the late evening
6. Get a bikini wax!
7. Get pedicure
8. Make one last trip to NB before baby comes
9. Get outside and READ
10. Read at least 5 books read over the summer
11. Make it a point to look awesome at least 5 days a week
12. Ditch the coffees and iced caps and replace them with smoothies (FAIL so far)
13. Take more pictures - both for myself and for others
14. Visit the east end of the island
15. Visit the Famer's Market a few times
16. Scrapbook all my monthly belly photos before the baby comes (Months 1-5 complete)
17. Hit 100 blog followers
18. Have an awesome baby shower & make my own invitations
19. Get my money-saving ass in gear
20. Play mini-golf
21. Take a weekend vacation or 'babymoon'
22. Make and organize an area in my apartment for crafting
23. Go to the drive-in
24. Go swimming at least 5 times (1/5 on June 18)
25. Get at least two more photo shoots in this summer
26. Make my own popsicles
27. Actually do something with my hair at least one day a week
28. Eat at two totally new-to-me restaurants in the city
29. Take nephew on the harbor hippo tour
30. Stop worrying so much


MBC Scrapbooking said...

LOL! Fail on my part as well with ditching the coffee. I was caffeinated throughout both of my pregnancies;)

Best of luck with your move!!

Baby Sister said...

Good luck with the rest of your list. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I liked your list :)
But I don't wait for summer for a pedicure, I get the toes done all year round. Not a fan of "naked" toes :)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Oh my gosh LOVE your list! What a fabulous summer you are going to have.
My favorite is #11: Make it a point to look awesome at least 5 days a week

I may borrow this from you!



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