Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Would you guest post?

You might be aware that I'm having a baby sometime in the near future. I don't imagine I'll be in the blogging mood for a few weeks days afterwards, so I was wondering if any of you would want to guest post for me while I take a short baby break, so my blog doesn't go completely ignored.

It could be about anything you want. I'm not a picky one.

Comment if you'd like to help me out, or email me at thebestdays@live.ca.

Please : )


Caro said...

I wouldn't mind doing one, but you would have to give me a subject.

Melissa said...

Ahh.. I just did two guest posts so I'm feeling creatively drained! If I think of anything in the next couple of weeks I'll let you know (if it's not too late!)



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