Monday, August 22, 2011

Spent the night in the ER, and not because of the baby

Friday was an interesting day. After not getting much sleep Wednesday night, Thursday night was twice as bad. I only woke up twice with the toothache, but that left me with approximately 3 hours of sleep when you put it all together.

I was tiiiiired. I worked all day, this time the toothache kind of stayed with me all day, but nothing unbearable, just annoying. I got home, exhausted, and layed down to watch tv. I drifted off cause I was so tired, only to wake up with the toothache worse, of course. So I had an emotional breakdown 3 times. All I wanted to do was sleep. The pain actually did get a bit unbearable at times.

Around 10 pm I finally went to the ER. I sat in the waiting room until they called my name at 4am. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was on the waiting room tv, so it entertained me a bit while I played games on my phone all night. I sat in my own little room until sometime after 4:30 am, but by that point B. had gotten off work (at 4) and was waiting with me. I layed on the bed in there and was actually able to drift in and out of sleep for awhile with no pain.

Finally, the doctor came in, basically looked in my mouth and wrote me out a prescription. That's it. I mean, I knew that's all they would do but after more than 6 hours of waiting? I'm no doctor or anything but couldn't they just stop for a minute when I first got in, write out the stupid prescription and send me on my way? It's the same with half the people there. You wait for hours for them to do something that takes barely a minute, when they could've done it from the beginning and not had 20-some people waiting for hours. Stupid ER procedures. They gave me a couple of pills to get me through the night then sent me on my way.

It was past 5:30 by the time I got home and to bed, so obviously I slept through the night for the first time in a few days. I woke up briefly when the alarm went off at 11 for B. to go to work but it didn't keep me up. I finally pulled myself out of bed for the day after 1:30 and went to fill my prescriptions.

I have pills I have to take 4 times a day for 10 days, plus a few pills for the pain.

Now I finally sleep okay, but everytime I eat I start to feel a lot of pain. Sometimes I feel the pain for no reason at all, but usually it's brought on from eating. But I need to eat! It's not fair. Even so, I only took one of the pain pills today. There's no point in taking them quickly since my dentist appointment isn't until tomorrow, and even then I don't think they'll be fixing anything that day.

I'm not dentist, but I'm convinced it's not just a cavity. I've had cavities before and have never felt anything like this. It's pain in my eat at times, and sometimes feels like it's pain at the top and botton of my mouth and sometimes even feels like it's in my jaw.

With less than two weeks left of work, with very little money and no dental insurance, I'm less than excited to actually find out what the problem is and pretty much terrified to find out the cost.

This couldn't have happened at a worst time.


Melissa said...

Ugh, toothaches are terrible, sorry you're having such trouble. Hopefully they fix you up soon!

Caro said...

The world stops moving when you have a toothache, good luck.

Baby Sister said...

:( I'm sorry!! I hope it gets resolved and doesn't cost you an arm and a let!!



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