Tuesday, November 1, 2011

50 Things to do on maternity leave (part 2)

Here is part one: The first 25 things to do while on maternity leave. Here are the remaining 25. I was wayyy behind finishing this list. Typical me.

26. Read at least 20 books
27. Make an Etsy sale
28. Get more than 15 comments on a single blog post
29. Read my camera manual
30. Make sure all baby photos are organized and dated for easy scrapbooking
31. Scrapbook a few baby pages a month to try to keep somewhat on top of it
32. Do Project 365 of just baby (a photo a day for a year)
33. Go blonde
34. Get all my blog pages redesigned and organized
35. Read all the Harry Potter books
36. See all of the Harry Potter movies
37. Discover a new tv show
38. Grow my crafting blog
39. Work on my DayZero list of goals
40. Build a bigger community on TheBlogFrog
41. Do at least one paid photography shoot
42. Breast feed (pump) for at least three months
43. Go to a baby and mommy activity
44. Make a lot of my Christmas gifts instead of buying
45. Get Chloe on a bedtime schedule early
46. Buy more second hand than brand new
47. Work a little bit while on parental leave to make extra $$
48. Develop better eating habits
49. Start a blog guest feature
50. Soak up every moment


Shell said...

Wow, girl. My only goal was to get some sleep! LOL

Baby Sister said...

Looks like you'll be busy. :)

Jessica said...

I'm with Shell. My only real goal was to nap as often as possible and to lose the baby weight.



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