Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summing Up Summer 2011

It is officially the last day of August. I know "summer" isn't over yet. Fall has not started. But the end of August means the end of summer for me. It always meant back to school in a few days. Although I haven't been 'back to school' in four years, I still feel the same way. End of August = end of summer.

So how would you describe your summer? Good? Great? Meh? 

Here is a little recap on mine, along with plenty of photos, some never before posted. 

If we say the summer begins in June, well June 7th I found out my baby's gender. Very exciting day, of course, but no good pictures to document it. Looking back now I sort of regret that, but man was I sick.

I spent a weekend away with B. in June at an amazing cottage with a Jacuzzi tub.

And of course I spent some time here and there with little B., my nephew.

I moved to my new apartment early, at the end of June. There have still been very few photos posted of the new apartment. If it ever looks presentable, I will show it off.

On Canada Day I spent time relaxing with two of my best friends. We watched some fireworks, had a BBQ, visited an adorable white and orange kitten that I was considering adopting on the spot.

I got to make one of my very few trips to the beach, and spend a night with little B.

I had my baby shower. Read all about it here.

My belly grew huge all of a sudden and I got to visit my grandfather's house - the house I basically grew up in. The bottom right photo is the awesome carpet in what was my bedroom when I lived there.

All four generations of us: my grandfather, my mother, me, and baby in my belly. We got to go for a walk on the beach and take a few photos.

I took some family photos for an old work friend (on the left), and sadly still haven't sent those to her because of the toothache and extreme tiredness I felt before it. I need to get those edited and sent out asap. I feel horrible about it. On the right, I got my own maternity photos done by a very old classmate who's just starting out in photography. 

An adventure that somehow never made it into the blog before today. It was August 15th. We stopped to visit SJS where he works at a lighthouse. We got a free tour of it, then got to walk on the beach and talk for a little while. A nice, but short, visit. 

I didn't get to the beach near as much as I would've liked this year. The weather was partly to blame, me being tired and pregnant was partly to blame, the beach being not as close as I'd like was partly to blame, and when all those conditions actually worked in my favor, there was just no one to go with. I can't win. 

Not a terribly eventful summer, but great either way. 

Today is a gorgeous day. I've already spent some time at the park (twice) and walked back and forth to my doctor's appointment. I'm heading out again in a few minutes (now that I've eaten) but I don't know where to. I don't have money, anywhere specific to go, or anyone to do anything with but it's too nice to sit home now that I finally have a little bit of energy. 


Caro said...

The past few summers for me have been meh. I dont know why but the older I get the less I like the big heat. I love the weather we have now around 20, just perfect.

Anonymous said...

so weird that summer's basically over. also weird that this is the first time in 4 years that i'm not starting a new school year...

Baby Sister said...

I wish that September meant had a nice summer. :)



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