Friday, September 2, 2011

Things I'm Happy About

  • It's Friday. Who doesn't love Friday? Especially when you have the rest of the weekend off. Oops, let me correct myself. I have the rest of the year off. Yay, maternity leave
  • It's payday
  • I get to visit my Mom and family this weekend
  • Depending on the weather, I get to do a photo shoot for my friend and her sisters
  • We're officially into September - my baby's birth month : )
  • I'm buying my first (super cheap - $5) Christmas present for someone today. Yay for planning ahead
  • I should finally have tons of free time, being done work, and can finish all my DIY project for the baby's room, hopefully before she makes her appearance
  • I'm finally figuring our Pinterest :p
What are you happy about? 

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Anonymous said...

yay maternity leave! hopefully you can also get some rest before your little peanut arrives.

Baby Sister said...

Looks like a nice last. My happy thought? Tomorrow is my day off. :)



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