Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is What I've Learned

I think something needs to be said. I don't mention ever enough how much I adore you guys. The ones that read day after day. The ones who will reply to a comment I left on their blog, asking me about something in my life. The new readers, the old readers. The lurkers that don't comment? I love you all. I just thought that needed to be said. While I'm on that topic.. if you're a new reader and I've never been to your blog before, I meant to. So give me your link so I can do that. 

On an opposite note, there has been some stress, worry, and family drama going on lately. What I've learned? 

Some people never change. Sneaky people will be sneaky. If you have a strange feeling about someone's intentions, chances are you're right to feel that way. Let things happen that you can't control. Get angry, but get over it. If you have to, fight for what you want. 

Student loan people? They don't care if you filled out their form a couple of days after your closest relative had a stroke. They also don't care that your mailing address is no longer valid, because it belonged to the person who had the stoke, and they have new living arrangements. They only care about their money. Is it nothing for them to wait 5 days after getting their mail returned to sender before they let you know. They don't care that the application would expire two days after they called. Their sole purpose in life is to stress me the ^&*@ out. 

Money isn't everything, but it sure seems like it when you don't have any. Money can't buy happiness? Maybe not, but it can buy food. And I'm pretty darn unhappy without food. I'm sure it would also create happiness in my cell phone and cable provider, as they would finally get what they're owed. 

I live in a province where working in winter can be difficult. When Christmas is over? Work places are left with more employees than available hours. Or at least that's the case with both of my jobs. I'm available to work, they just don't really need me. 

Another thing? I've learned to watch what you do with money when you have it. The only person who worries about me - is me. When I feel like I'm drowning in debt, no one feels that panic but me. 

I've learned that it's really hard to do something special for someone, when they don't do the same for you. Broken hearts can come in the form of broken promises. The more promises you make and break, the more it hurts. Hurting people kills me inside, but sometimes you need to know how it feels. Little things mean a lot and can go a long way. So can disappointment. 

Forgive and forget. It will never be that simple. 

I've learned that it's easier to be happy, when you let yourself be unhappy for awhile. Happy can sneak up on you when you had no idea it was coming. Enjoy it. You never know what can happen tomorrow. 


lindsey said...

This post is very well written!
I completely agree with you.
Keep your chin up girl. Things will start to turn around soon.

Baby Sister said...

It sounds like you are going through a tough time right now. I am so sorry. I wish I could do something to help...but I hope things start looking up for you soon!!

passionofthemom said...

Poignant and great!! Loved this post! =)

Haley said...

Well I adore you! Lol I'm sorry I don't always comment, but I do always read. More so recently, ever since your bump announcement I find myself checking back here a few times a day. Hehe, total lurker! :)

m. said...

i like this post ... i might do something similar to it :)

Noelle said...

Such a sincere and heartfelt post!

I'm always amazed at what life has to teach...both good and bad.

I hope things get easier soon!

a. said...

I like this post, its very well written and sooo very true.
Student Loan people suck and I hate that I basically owe them my soul.
And its beyond true that its frustrating and dissappoitning when you do so much for others but dont get the same in return. Well said.

Shell said...

Very big lessons to learn.

And p.s. student loan people are evil. I graduated almost 12 years ago and I still think they are evil.

Anonymous said...

I can so feel where you are coming from with this post, it almost feels like its coming from within my own brain. So much going on, and forgive & forget is never that easy. EVER.

Anonymous said...

I adore my readers too..sincerely!

I hear you on the family drama..people never change. Sometimes that sucks. Hope things work out for your fam.

I sense that you're gonna win the lotto and everything will be solved. xoxo

WhisperingWriter said...

Very good post.

O. said...

Just stumbled upon your page so I guess I'd be considered new :)

I'm sorry you're going through some bumps in the road. We all have them and it seems you are learning from them which in the end will make you a better person.



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