Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things You May Not Have Known About Me

1. The thing that terrifies me the most about having children (besides labor) is when they are a bit older and get sick. (See: My biggest fear)

2. Dealing with my student loan when I was finished school has been one of the most (repeated) stressful situations in my life.

3. I regret taking the legal office assistant course in college, over the business office assistant course. If you took one look at the job listings in my city, you would know why.

4. I'm no fashion expert, but sometimes I see people on the street and wish I could give them a makeover.

5. I would happily skimp on some wedding details when I get married simply so I can have a bigger budget for a photographer. I don't need a fancy cake or the perfect location - I just need my friends, family, and amazing photos to look back on afterwards. I guess I would need the husband as well. 

6. Anytime I watch anything sad, I start to think about my grandfather. (Another random fact: He is the only man I have ever trusted 100% with every bit of my life)

7. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting home alone with a coffee and absolutely nothing specific needing to be done.

8. One of my (smaller) goals in life is to finally make the perfect lasagna. I'm getting closer each time. I've learned that lasagna costs approx. $25 to make a big pan. Assuming you already have the pan :p

9. One thing I would love to do before I have my baby? Take that photography course I've been dreaming of. Two reasons: it will be harder to take after the baby is born, and it would mean I'd know how to take better pictures of the baby once he or she is born. The course is filling up quicker than I'd like :(

10. I can't think of a number 10 because I'd rather be cleaning my room. 

ON - Sept 2010


Anonymous said...

Student loans are the work of the devil.

Also, I love lasagna.

Haley said...

Number ten made me laugh out loud, which was somewhat embarrassing because Im sitting at the doctors office. Ha

a. said...

Number 6 is great and sooo true. I don't people realize the pictures are the memories! My hall cost 6 times less than the photographer and the cake costs 4 times less, haha.

Holly said...

Your list is full of great thoughts and conjures up some memories for me too...Right now I'd say you are spot on for #5...photography is everything (other than the couple being n love of course)...and #7 my favorite part of the am after I drop the kiddos off.

Baby Sister said...

I've never heard of emetophobia until now and I would have never guessed that it stands for what it does. Replace number 7 with hot chocolate and I am all over that one. :) You should take the class!! You'll regret if if you don't.

Anonymous said...

Student loans are miserable. I am not even looking forward to the time when we have to start paying ours. :sigh: between the 2 of us, we're going to be close to 100,000 in debt :(



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