Monday, August 29, 2011

All the baby milestones have been hit.

Under 20 days now until baby's due date.

I remember pretty clearly the day I realized I might be pregnant, back in January. It seems like every pre-baby milestone has just flown by since then.

We had our first ultrasound at the end of April.
We had our 3D Ultrasound and found out we were having a girl in June.
We moved to the apartment we'd be bringing the baby home to at the end of June.
I had my awesome baby shower mid-July.
B's mom just moved here. Yesterday. 

And I think the only thing that's left now is to actually have the baby. Well, it would be nice if the baby would turn in the right position first. That's the one thing left for her to do before she's born.

If time is going to fly by so much, I wish it would at least fly by to the point where my mouth doesn't hurt anymore. Seriously, wtf is up with my mouth still being sore 5 days after the tooth being removed? I still wake up nightly because of it.

I just finished working a streak of 3 mornings. I don't really do morning shifts. I may have gotten 4-5 hours of sleep each of those nights, compared to the 9 hours my body would rather have. By last night, I was sleeping in the chair at 8:30pm while B's Mom was here and he was still at work. Luckily he got home and reminded me that Big Brother was on, so I managed to watch that and stay up another hour afterwards. I was still in bed early enough that I'm now up at 8:30. I don't care how large my to-do list is. There is nothing I want to get started on at 8:30 am.

I've been up almost an hour now and I'm putting serious consideration into grabbing some breakfast and going back to sleep. If I can. You see, the pain in my mouth is what got me up in the first place. And got me up a couple of times throughout the night.

I just can't win. Seriously frustrated here. I think I will get more sleep after the baby arrives than I've gotten the past two weeks.


Melissa said...

Not getting enough sleep is the worst. I hope when the kidlet is finally born that it's a good sleeper, for your sake!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Sorry for the lack of sleep, I know how terrible that can be. 20 days left, Oh wow, time is flying by!!!

Shell said...

Oh, such a cute belly!

You're almost there!

Baby Sister said...

I can't believe you have so little time left...crazy!! I hope by now your mouth is hurting less... :( That sucks!!



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